Have you noticed your cat damaging your furniture by scratching? Well, it is high time you buy it a scratching post. The scratching posts are designed in the form of a tree to distract cats and keep them away from scratching furniture. The majority of poles come with other entertaining accessories like dangle balls for your pet to play around with.

The height of the cat scratching poles provides a comfortable surface where the cat can comfortably stretch their body. Some of the scratching posts have sisal wrapping that provides the scratching surface for your pet, and others feature the jute plush, which is safe and soft to their craws. Here are our top ten best cat scratching posts to consider buying for your pet.


Top 10 Best Premium Cat Scratching Posts Reviews

10-AmazonBasics Medium cat Scratching Posts

AmazonBasics Medium Cat Scratching Post

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Have you noticed that your cat is scratching the couches in the house? Get it this scratch post to save your lounges. This scratch pillar provides a play station for your cat to distract it around the house. The peak of the pillar has a dangling toy to keep your cat engaged while indoors.

This Post’s base is super sturdy to hold it firmly even when the cat is playing and scratching at a high force. The Post consists of natural jute fiber materials that do not drop.

Special features

  • You can set up this cat scratch post in any room since it has a neutral color
  • It comes with a bonus dangle toy for your pet to play with
  • The frame of the Post has the quality and durable material construction
  • The scratch surface has natural jute fiber that is safe for the craws.

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9-4 Paws Stuff Cat Interactive Toys Tall Cat Scratching Post

Cat Scratch Post Cats Kittens

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This cat scratch post keeps your cat far from furniture and carpets while keeping it happy. It is a multifunctional sectional post that your pet can scratch, climb, and even play with since it has a dangling toy. The scratching materials are made of sisal that does not wear out even after the pet’s constant scratching. It is also safe for your pet’s craw.

The base of the Post features sturdy wood material that holds it firmly so your pet can enjoy playing with it. Note that this scratch post may require some assembling, although it is super easy to put together.

Special features

  • This is a multifunctional post for all cats ages
  • It measures 22 inches high to form a climbing tree for your cat
  • It has natural sisal wrapping all around
  • The Post has a stable wooden base to hold it firmly on the ground

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8-SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post Pioneer Pet

SmartCat Pioneer Pet Ultimate Scratching Post

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With a height of up to 32 inches, your cat can comfortably stretch on this Post and have enough space to scratch well. The Post is strong enough to distract the cat away from your furniture in the house. It has a sturdy base for convenience setting up since you can put it in any area of your choice. The color finish of this Post perfectly matches the home interior so you can set it up in any area.

Special features

  • Assembling this cat scratching post is comfortable with two screws
  • It has a beautiful finish to blend with the entire home interior
  • It has a great size to allow all cats to stretch smoothly
  • The Post has durable woven sisals

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7-Kitty City Scratching Mat Wide Premium Scratching Woven Sisal

Kitty City Wide Premium Scratching Woven

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This is another multifunctional scratching post ideal for both small and large cats. It is super long so your cat can experience multiple activities, including climbing up the Post and stretching. It has sisal wrapping soft to the cat’s craws to keep it away from your carpet and furniture. You can set this Post in any room since it comes with a mat at the base for collecting the sisal threads falling off.

Assembling this cat scratch post is quite accessible since it comes with three screws, and the hardware to use when joining it. It has a jiggle ball at the top so your pet can play with it.

Special features

  • This cat scratch post has a neutral color that blends with home decor
  • It is easy to assemble with three screws
  • It has premium sisal wrapping that is durable
  • The base has a carpet for keeping your home floor clean

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6-PETMAKER Furniture Scratch Deterrent Cat Scratching Posts

Furniture Scratch Deterrent by PETMAKER

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If you have more than one cat in your house, this scratch post may suit you since it has more than one Post to accommodate multiple cats. The Post is perfect for keeping the cats busy while indoor to safeguard your furniture from their craws. The base of the Post is carpeted, so the sisal threads do not dirty your floor.

The Post has a sturdy and durable base that holds the entire Post firmly to prevent it from dropping when more than one cat plays.

Special features

  • This scratch cat post has two sisals built balls to entertain the pet
  • It is ideal for more than one cat
  • The cat scratching post is sturdy so you can set it up in any area
  • It has two toys

5-PetnPurr Cat Scratching Post with Teaser Ball

PetnPurr Cat Scratching Post with Teaser Ball

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Does your cat like to climb trees? Well, get this durable cat scratching post to play with while indoors. The Post is perfect for climbing, scratching, and even for playing with. The material construction features sisal threats and a wood frame to provide an excellent and comfortable stage for your pet.

The Post is made in the form of cactus, and your cat can climb and rest at the top section. There is a dangling ball on the Post essential to keep the pet happy and active throughout. This cat scratching post is stable such that your cat cannot knock it off when playing thanks to the firm base.

Special features

  • This cat scratching post has quality and durable materials
  • It has a toy and a tree form to keep the pet entertained
  • The Post offers total comfort so your cat can climb on top
  • It has a carpet at the base to prevent the sisal threads from dropping on your house floor

4-LUCKITTY Small Cat Scratching Posts Kitty Coconut Tree

LUCKITTY Small Cat Scratching Posts Kitty Coconut Tree

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Keeping your cat engaged and active while at home is crucial since it improves their fitness and mental health. Well, you need this tree-like scratch post to keep the active cat while indoors. The Post offers a variety of activities such as stretching, climbing, scratching, and it has toys that your cat can use to play with.

It has a sturdy frame and stable base that safeguards the Post from falling even when used by an adult cat. The Post is designed in the form of a tree that gives it a natural tree look.

Special features

  • The Post has a natural coconut tree design
  • It is versatile to suit both small and large cats
  • The design of the Post attracts the cat to it
  • The tree has jute rope and plush wrappings

3-Dimaka Cat Scratching Post for big cats

Dimaka Cat Scratching Post for Big Cats

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This natural scratching post is perfect for creating a playground for your pet while in the house. The Post has natural sisal material wrapping all around for the safety of the pet’s craws. The entire Post measures 1512/16 x 1512/16x 29inches to provide a comfortable and ample space for large cats.

The base of the scratch post offers the right resting place for the cat to rest after playing. The frame of this scratch post has a cardboard frame and sisal wrapping all around. So, you don’t need to worry about the cat harming the craws.

Special features

  • Assembling this scratching post is easy and fast
  • It has a stable base to accommodate large cats
  • The wrapping around the post consists of natural sisal materials
  • The Post is quite strong as well

2-PAWZ Road Cat Scratching Post

PAWZ Road Cat Scratching Post Cat Interactive Toys

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This cat scratching post has four anti skids that add stability on any surface you set it up at. The Post is versatile to provide multiple fun activities for your cat, such as climbing, stretching, and it also has two toys that your pet can play with. This scratching post has a natural brown color that adds a touch of a natural look to match household furniture.

Special features

  • This post comes with an additional sisal post
  • It is super easy to assemble
  • The Post has anti skids to secure it in ground
  • The height is perfect for accommodating large cats

1-PEEKAB Cat Scratching Post with Cat Tower Tree

PEEKAB Cat Scratching Post with Cat Tower Tree

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The Post has sisal wrapping all around to provide a safe and durable scratching platform for your pet. The Post also has an arch that has quality material essential for grooming your pet while playing around. The base consists of wood material to hold the entire unit firmly on the ground. The scratch post is perfect for small and large cats, as it is sturdy and robust.

The thick cardboard frame of this Post guarantees durability to serve your cat for a long time.

Special features

  • Assembling this Post is easy and fast
  • The base is quite sturdy and durable
  • It has an arch for grooming your pet while playing
  • The station provides a great resting space for the cat.


These are the top ten best cat scratching posts you can buy for your pet to use indoors. They are durable to serve the cat for a while and are safe as well. The posts have varying heights to provide various cat activities, including climbing and stretching. So, choose the right Post from these ten options.

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