Cold juice dispensers will make sure that you have better convenience. It serves great for commercial purposes and you don’t have to worry about holding it with your hands. There are different types of cold juice dispensers and it lets you use them with ease. With it, you will be able to offer a refreshing cold juice during a hot summer day. It can come with varying features so that you can get the one according to your requirements. Here is the list of the top 10 best cold juice dispensers.


Top 10 Best Cold Juice Dispenser Reviews

10. Style Setter Cold Drink Dispenser

Style Setter Beverage Dispenser Cold Drink Dispenser Glass Jug

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The beautiful metal stand holds this cold juice dispenser high from the countertop. The Montgomery serveware also makes your beverage station look cool. Moreover, the pitcher is suitable for your wedding parties and other occasions. The crystalline glass jar takes good care of your health. Nevertheless, the glass lid is quickly removable.

Hence, you can also instantly fill the container. Furthermore, the jar can hold up to 2.75-gallons of beverages. The wide-mouth design lets you add fruit chunks and more. However, you can prepare iced tea, mixed drinks, and lemonade. The cleaning and maintenance of this serveware are lesser troublesome.


  • The metal stand is tip-resistant.
  • Includes a detachable glass lid.
  • Suitable for serving fruit-infused drinks.


  • Relatively small.

9. Service Ideas Beverage Dispenser

Service Ideas CBDRT3SS Beverage Dispenser

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The 3-gallon capacity makes this cold juice dispenser suitable for a family get-together. The stainless steel parts also make this serveware ultra-durable. Moreover, this dispenser consists of a see-through plastic container, an ice tube, and an infuser tube.

The ice tube also keeps your beverages cool without diluting the mixture. Furthermore, the stainless steel lid helps you to fill the container hassle-freely. You can use this juicer for beverage stations and high-end buffets. However, the classic silver polish makes this serveware look attractive. The stackable design lets you save space when you are not using it.


  • The plastic part is BPA-free.
  • Comes with a nesting structure.
  • Includes a separate ice tube.


  • No such con.

8. Circleware Dual Glass Beverage Dispenser

Circleware Mini Dual Glass Beverage Dispensers with Metal Lid with Stand Base Entertainment Kitchen Glassware for Water

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The exquisite cold juice dispenser includes two pieces of jars. The glass bowls also offer exceptional durability. Moreover, the Mason jar-style containers come with screw-on lids. Hence, you can fill the canisters without any hassle. The glass containers are free of BPA, polycarbonate, phthalate, and PVC materials. However, the metal faucets help you to pour a drink without spilling.

The chemical-free glass jars also retain the flavor of beverages for hours. Furthermore, sustainable raw material construction makes this serveware safe to use. The glass jars can preserve the flavor and aroma of your beverages for hours. Nevertheless, the base of this dispenser involves the construction of rustproof metal.


  • The glass jars are crack-resistant.
  • Never spoils the taste of beverages.
  • The faucets are exceptionally durable.


  • Construction could improve.

7. CreativeWare Beverage Dispenser

 CreativeWare Beverage Dispenser With Ice Cylinder And Fruit Infuser

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This compact beverage dispenser makes an ideal choice for house parties. The transparent container lets you see the juice level accordingly. Moreover, the container has the construction of hardwearing acrylic material. The cold juice dispenser is suitable for different sorts of non-alcoholic beverages. Nevertheless, the jar holds up to 3-gallons of drinks.

The freestanding dispenser holds beverages of different consistencies. Furthermore, the BPA-free acrylic container delivers harmless and flavourful drinks. The separate ice column keeps ice cubes altogether. Hence, the melting ice cubes never spoil the taste of the juices. This serveware makes cleaning hassle-free. However, the faucet comes along with a spring mechanism that reduces the risks of spilling.


  • Prevents the risks of spilling.
  • Consists of a functional ice column.
  • The jar is of BPA-free acrylic material.


  • No con at all.

6. Estilo Stainless Steel Drink Dispenser

Estilo Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Drink Dispenser

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This countertop cold juice dispenser has the construction of durable stainless steel. The see-through container also holds up to 8-liter of juice at once. Moreover, the wide drip tray helps you to pour a drink without spilling. The drip-free faucet comes with a functional spring mechanism. Therefore, this serveware offers quick pouring.

All parts of this dispenser have the construction of food-grade steel material. The tin-derived screw-off lid lets you refill the container without removing the base. Furthermore, you can fill this barrel with juices of various consistencies. Nevertheless, this canister has the construction of food-grade acrylic material.


  • Has a metal screw-off lid.
  • Comes with a wide-mouth design.
  • The faucet offers leakage-proof pouring.


  • Relatively thin.

5. Alek Shop Cold Drinking Jet Spray

 Cold Drinking Jet Spray Refrigerate 3 Tank 18L

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This ice beverage dispenser comes along with BPA-free PC containers. Hence, this serveware never alters the taste of your juice. You can keep the temperature of your beverages between 45 and 54-degree Fahrenheit. Moreover, this cold juice dispenser consists of manipulating push spigots that come with a spring mechanism.

Therefore, you can stop the dispenser from pouring at any time. Nevertheless, you can use this serveware for granular juice and pulpy drinks. The rubber gaskets prevent the risks of spilled beverages. Furthermore, the broader mixing leaf structure stirs the drinks consistently. Hence, you can enjoy a flavourful drink every time.


  • The spring-operated push spigots.
  • Consists of a widened mixing leaf.
  • Includes a high-end temperature controller.


  • Completely new product.

4. Eapmic Beverage Dispenser

6.3 Gallon 8Lx3 Beverage Cold Juice Dispenser With Ice Container

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Your beverage station deserves this cold juice dispenser. However, the triple canisters of this serveware also hold 24-liter of beverages. Moreover, the built-in ice containers keep ice cubes altogether. Hence, you can drink properly chilled drinks without the alteration of taste. The golden-finished steel parts make this dispenser look attractive.

The fruit infuser stand also smoothly blends the flavor in the water. Furthermore, the drip trays of this dispenser keep your countertop mess-free. You can keep these containers clean and presentable for years. Nevertheless, the long-lasting faucets offer spill-proof pouring. The pressure-resistant barrels increase the lifespan of this serveware.


  • Consists of a fruit infuser stand.
  • The barrels resist higher water pressure.
  • Comes with top-notch, leakage-proof faucets.


  • Relatively new product in the market.

3. NICE CHOOSE Commercial Juice Dispenser

Commercial Cold Juice Dispenser, 8L 3 Tanks Frozen Cold Drink

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Give your space a restaurant-style cold juice dispenser for house parties. The iced beverage dispenser includes three separate tanks and the domed lids make pouring convenient. Moreover, you can serve sangria, flavored water, iced tea, and more. The elegant golden finished stainless steel construction assures hardiness.

The reservoirs also have the construction of transparent PC material. Therefore, these containers offer exceptional resilience against breakage. Each of these canisters holds up to 8-liter of drinks. The center ice cores keep your beverages cool without melting the ice. However, the reservoirs can keep your beverages either warm or cold.


  • Includes inbuilt drip trays.
  • Ideal for catering services.
  • Comes with magnet-free construction.


  • Few reviews are available.

2. COSTWAY Commercial Beverage Dispenser

COSTWAY Commercial Beverage Dispenser Machine

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The iced beverage dispenser fruitfully fits the needs of commercial juice sellers. The dual-tank design also holds two differently flavored beverages simultaneously. Moreover, the design makes this module perfect for your residential spaces. The rubber pads prevent the machine from wobbling. Nevertheless, this cold juice dispenser holds up to 18-gallon of refreshments.

These reservoirs are never prone to leakage or overflow. You can place this serveware in hotels, coffee halls, and other spaces. Furthermore, the food-grade polycarbonate reservoirs add no chemical-infused flavors to your beverages. The juicer dispenser has the construction of rustproof stainless steel material. However, the mixing leaf design mixes flavors uniformly.


  • The PC reservoirs are food-grade.
  • Comes with skid-resistant rubber feet.
  • Includes an innovative mixing leaf pattern.


  • Ratings are quite low.

1. VEVOR Commercial Cold Beverage Dispenser

 VEVOR Commercial Cold Juice Dispenser Stainless Steel

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This beverage dispenser consists of a pair of tanks. The dual cold juice dispenser also makes an ideal choice for commercial outlets. Moreover, this drinkware server holds 24-liter of juice at once. The all-copper tube condenser dissipates the mechanical heat rapidly. However, the dispenser containers retain the temperature from 5 to 12-degree Celsius.

You can also pour drinks with any consistency. You can fill the containers with pulpy fruit juice or beverages with granules. Furthermore, the handles come with a pullout design. The spring of these handles reduces the risks of spilling. Nevertheless, the PC tanks come with non-toxic material construction.


  • The tanks have a bigger capacity.
  • Includes a heat-dissipating panel.
  • Has food-grade material construction.


  • Material quality can improve.

Buying Guide for Cold Juice Dispenser

Construction: You will have to invest in the one that allows you to use it for a long time. Look at the type of materials and see if they can withstand harsh use. Select the one that comes with a clear carbonate bowl. Apart from this, it must let you use it conveniently and come with visible measurement markings.

Size: When it comes to size, getting the right one is a user preference. You will have to measure your space and then make your purchase. Look at the size of the bowl carefully and see if it is suitable for everyday purposes. In addition to this, you need to see if it comes with better aesthetics.

Voltage: The voltage determines the performance of the machine. You will have to consider the voltage output and see if it delivers exceptional performance.

Safety: To make sure there will be a reliable performance, you will have to see if the cold juice dispenser is safe to use. For this, you will have to see the overall construction.

Maintenance: Consider investing in the one that comes with easy maintenance. It must allow you to clean it conveniently. Some of it can come up with a drip tray so that there will be easy cleaning.

Type of Mixing: See if it is suitable for all types of drinks. You can find the one that can come with a spray mechanism or use agitators and impellers. However, getting the right one is a user preference and you will have to see if it offers you many options.


There are various types of these cold juice dispensers available. When you are buying, you should be aware of the benefits. But you should also be aware of the buying parameters when purchasing. Therefore, consult the buying guide and then go through all the different products we have selected before deciding.

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