A commercial GPS for truck drivers will make sure there will be many benefits. It allows you to have safe driving and let you stay updated regarding various conditions. With it, you don’t have to rely upon your smartphone, and some can come with multiple features so that you can have a better advantage. A commercial GPS for truck drivers is a highly reliable product and works with the help of secure cellular networks. It makes sure there will be improved driver behavior and offers better security. Here is the list of the top 10 best commercial GPS for truck drivers.


Top 10 Best Commercial GPS for Truck Drivers Reviews

10. Garmin GPS Truck Navigator

Garmin dezl 780 LMT-S

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The commercial GPS for truck drivers comes with a 7-inch large screen. However, this tracker also has a strong magnetic mount. You will never require a smartphone for subscription-free Hours of Service recording. Moreover, this navigator comes with an automatic map update system. Nevertheless, you can receive hands-free calls and notifications via a smart application.

The inbuilt Wi-Fi module also updates maps without a smartphone. Furthermore, the software updates automatically without any device. You will get weather and traffic-related notifications on this GPS device. However, the custom truck routing measures the load, size, and weight of your truck. You will get details about upcoming bridge heights, steep grades, and sharp curves.


  • Offers accurate custom truck routing.
  • Sends accurate notifications about traffics.
  • Offers firmware updates and map updates.


  • No negative point.

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9. Rand McNally GPS Truck Navigator

Rand McNally TND 540 LM 5in GPS Truck Navigator with Lifetime Map Updates

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This truck navigator comes along with an energy-efficient battery system. Moreover, this module also consists of a 5-inch bright screen. Therefore, you can have detailed map routing every time. This commercial GPS for truck drivers comes with extended address book functionality. The lifetime map updates make this module quite functional.

You will also get real-time traffic updates every time. Furthermore, the preloaded US and Canada maps increase the functionality of this gadget. The GPS tracker comes with millions of POI listings. However, you will get live roadwork construction updates all the time. Additionally, this device provides real updates about fuel prices and weather.


  • Free map updates for a lifetime.
  • Includes preloaded US and Canadian maps.
  • Provides accurate roadwork construction updates.


  • Nothing wrong.

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8. Garmin 8-inch GPS Truck Navigator

Garmin dezl OTR800

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The GPS track navigator includes detailed maps of North America. This device also comes with an intuitive display. Hence, you can see all the details according to your needs. Apart from that, your voice assistant can interact with this navigator. You can have access to maps without removing your hands from the steering. Therefore, this commercial GPS for truck drivers comes along with RAM mounting systems.

This device also consists of an 8-inch touch-sensitive screen. The crisp screen lets you see maps in horizontal and vertical orientations. Furthermore, the powered magnetic mount and a suction cup make mounting easier. The device comes along with a custom truck routing function. Hence, the module shows accurate details about the size and weight of trucks.


  • Works with virtual voice assistants.
  • The screen shows detailed road routing.
  • Comes along with a strong magnetic base.


  • No con as such.

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7. Rand McNally IntelliRoute Truck Navigation GPS

Rand McNally TND 740 IntelliRoute Truck Navigation

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This commercial GPS for truck drivers has a 7-inch HD display. The colored LED screen also shows accurate data every time. Moreover, the truck navigator offers intelligent routing throughout the journey. This model supports the updated GPS vehicle navigation system. Nevertheless, the lane assist guides you to cross the lanes like a pro.

The advanced lane guidance assists you to get the best tracking. Furthermore, you will get over-the-air map updates every time. The lifetime map update makes this GPS navigator extremely practical. However, the device comes along with an audio-out capability. This set includes a mounting tool for hassle-free mounting.


  • Offers live GPS navigation.
  • Consists of a vibrant HD screen.
  • Includes smart lane guidance function.


  • Quality could improve for the better.

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6. TruckWay GPS Pro Series Truck GPS

TruckWay GPS - Pro Series Model 720

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The 2D and 3D maps make routing convenient for individuals. This commercial GPS for truck drivers also has an inbuilt storage space of 8GB. Moreover, the 7-inch touch-sensitive screen makes the reading of the details easier. The touch-sensitive screen lets you focus on the required details accordingly. The navigator contains the preloaded maps for Mexico, Canada, and The USA.

This GPS module for vehicles also offers 3D building and relief. The custom truck routing considers the weight, size, length, and width of trucks. The navigator shares information about low bridges, no trucks, road signs, and more. Furthermore, the back bracket keeps this device stable in any condition.


  • Includes all mounting components.
  • Calculates the details of every truck.
  • Provides complete maps for North America.


  • Ratings are low.

5. TomTom Trucker Gps Navigation Device

TomTom Trucker 620 6-Inch Gps Navigation Device for Trucks with Wi-Fi Connectivity

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The complete POI listings make driving comfortable for truck drivers. This commercial GPS for truck drivers also consists of a 7-inch LCD screen. Moreover, the inbuilt Bluetooth module lets you have hands-free calls via smartphones. You can have specialized routing for vehicle size, weight, velocity, and dangerous goods.

The GPS navigator also provides accurate traffic and alternate routing every time. Furthermore, the inbuilt assistant can read out messages for safe driving. The sunlight-readable screen lets you have proper tracking all day long. Nevertheless, the inbuilt Wi-Fi module requires no other devices for updates. This manufacturer brings you all the required hardware for quick installation.


  • Reads outs the messages loudly.
  • Comes with countless POI listings.
  • Makes hands-free calls via smartphones.


  • There is a syncing issue with the phone.

4. Garmin dezl 7-inch GPS Truck Navigator

Garmin dezl OTR700

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This GPS navigator brings you the facility of subscription-free Hours of Service recording. The commercial GPS for truck drivers lets you see the most-used routes by truckers. The large 7-inch touch-sensitive screen shows the detailing maps all the time. Moreover, the voice assistant can communicate with the navigator.

Hence, you never have to remove your hands from the steering. You will get updates about upcoming sharp curves, bridge heights, and more. Furthermore, the subscription-free Hour of Service recording makes this GPS device quite practical. You will have custom truck routing according to the dimensions of the trucks. The module includes maps for North America.


  • Shows the popular routers by truckers.
  • Offers accurate truck data customization.
  • Provides accurate details about sharp curves.


  • No con at all.

3. Rand McNally TND750 Truck GPS

Rand McNally TND750 Truck GPS Featuring a 7" LCD Screen

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The commercial GPS for truck drivers works as the best in-dash navigation. This module also comes with a 7-inch LCD screen. Moreover, this screen shows accurate details about real-time maps. The combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies makes this GPS unthinkably functional. Nevertheless, you can connect your smart devices via Bluetooth connectivity.

The inbuilt Wi-Fi module also offers automatic updates. Hence, this navigator requires no other devices for updating. Furthermore, the crisp graphic helps you to see map details with ease. However, the strong magnetic mount keeps the navigator stable under any circumstance. This device comes with overheating protection.


  • Comes with a user-friendly interference.
  • Offers exceptional resistance against heat.
  • Includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless technologies.


  • Reviews are not encouraging.

2. CARRVAS GPS Navigation

 CARRVAS GPS Navigation for Car and Truck 7 Inch 2020

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This commercial GPS for truck drivers includes the latest maps for North America. The 2500-mAh polymer battery system also makes this module work complication-freely. Moreover, the intelligent voice prompts the necessary details for safe driving. The inbuilt 8GB ROM makes this module unthinkably practical. However, the device consists of a colored 7-inch HD touch-sensitive screen.

The onboard GPS navigation also reduces the chances of wrong navigation. Furthermore, the module includes the voice steering system. Therefore, the system lets you drive safely without looking at the screen frequently. However, satellite navigation makes driving more accurate and safer.


  • Includes an inbuilt FM radio.
  • Offers both 2D and 3D map views.
  • Smartly plans to route with satellite navigations.


  • Manual not available.

1. Garmin dezl Truck GPS Navigator

Garmin dezl 580 LMT-S

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The live traffic updates make your truck driving experience better. This commercial GPS for truck drivers has a 5-inch LCD screen. Moreover, the customized truck routing determines the dimensions and weight of trucks. Nevertheless, the Bluetooth module lets you connect this device to your smartphone. Therefore, you can get live details from your device.

The inbuilt Wi-Fi module also automatically updates the maps. Furthermore, the truck navigator offers accurate routing for upcoming bridges and more. You can get current notifications about live traffic and weather. Nevertheless, the module offers lifetime map updates. This navigator guides you to find truck-friendly parking easily.


  • Works with mobile voice assistants.
  • Accurately shows weather and traffic updates.
  • Consists of an inbuilt truck and trailer directory.


  • No negative point.

Buying Guide for Commercial GPS

Screen Size: Commercial GPS for truck drivers can come in different screen sizes, and the one that has a minimum screen display of 5 inches will be a perfect consideration. This will make sure there will be optimal viewing, and some can have touchscreen functionality.

Mounting: Always see if it lets you have hassle-free mounting. You need to see if their commercial GPS for truck drivers offers you many options and comes with all the necessary hardware.

Connectivity: You can see if it comes with Bluetooth technology and have a Wi-Fi feature. With this, you can have a hands-free experience, and some will also allow you to connect your microphone and smartphone.

Tracking: It can come with real-time tracking or have a passive tracking system. A passive tracking system works by collecting data from different sources. With real-time tracking, it uses information from the satellite to let you stay updated.

Traffic Alerts: The one that comes with traffic alerts will make sure there will be reliable performance. It lets you know regarding traffic accidents as well as other delays. Moreover, it will also give you updates regarding route construction.

Features: You will have to go for the one that comes with driver-assist features that will let you know about various points of interest including restaurants and rest stops. Some can also come with the teacher of trip logging that lets you monitor the mileage and the fuel data. Select the one that comes with a truck navigation system that lets you know the route making it deliver exceptional performance.


Commercial GPS is a necessity for every truck driver to reach a particular location safely and accurately. There are so many different types of these GPS devices available with different sets of features. DO check out all the best commercial GPS our team has handpicked for you to ease the process of picking the perfect one.

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