Are you looking for a way to heat up your room fast and effectively? Well, I would recommend using a fan heater. While the central heating system is a cost-effective means of whole-house heating, a fan heater is a perfect choice for those who want to add heat into one room. Better, these units are suitable when you want to give one room a boost, while they are also ideal when used in bedrooms and rooms that need more heat without the inconvenience caused by heaters that produce much noise. Given the range of options available for you to pick from, choosing a fan heater isn’t an easy task. To help you out, reviewed in this article are the 10 best fan heaters In 2021. Have a look so that you can purchase a unit that combines speed, cost efficiency, and energy savings without sacrificing performance.


Top 10 Best Portable Electric Fan Heaters Reviews

10-Homeleader 2-Speed Space Heater

Homeleader 2-Speed Space Heater

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A perfect choice when looking for a fan heater designed for use in small rooms or offices is Homeleader 2-Speed Space Heater. Designed with three settings, you can opt to use the high 1500watt heat setting, low 900watt heat setting, or the fan-only option for the summer.

What’s more, the fan includes an adjustable thermostat, cool-touch exterior, and overheat protection. As a result, you can get it when looking for a fan heater that is safe to use. Because of the convenient carry handle, the unit is a great choice for a portable fan heater. Moreover, it features a compact design making it suitable for use under the tabletop or on a desktop.


  • The fan comes with a user manual to enhance ease of use.
  • A cool-touch exterior guarantees safety.
  • A four-position switch allows you to use the fan, high heat setting, low heat setting, or switch it off.

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9-Oscillating Space Heater Ceramic Forced Fan Heating

Oscillating Space Heater – Ceramic Forced Fan Heating

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An affordable choice when looking for a fan heater designed for use in small rooms is PELONIS Oscillating Digital Fan Heater. With an oscillation function, it acts as a perfect choice when looking for a heater that is designed to deliver great room coverage. Not only that, but it adopts a reliable ceramic heating technology. The technology enables it to heat up to 70°F in three seconds and deliver a steady and comfortable temperature.

You can use the heater function during the summer, with an option to use the high heat 1500watt setting or the low 900watt setting. Moreover, the heater offers a fan-only function, making it suitable for use in the summer. Using the digital LED, the heater can display the current room temperature and allow you to control the adjustable thermostat. The unit is made using a high-quality flame-resistant material, while its body features a cool-touch design to enhance safety.


  • A tip-over switch stops the operation after tipping over to enhance safety.
  • A carry handle enhances portability.
  • Overheating protection enhances safety and durability.
  • The compact size makes the heater an ideal choice for small spaces and rooms.

8-TRUSTECH Portable Space Heater

2 in1 Portable Space Heater - Quiet Combo Ceramic Electric Personal Fan

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A great companion for all year round is TRUSTECH Portable Space Heater. This is a 2-in-i device. It combines a small ceramic space heater and fan. The heater offers two heating options with a capacity to use the low 750watt heat setting or the high 1500watt heat setting. Additionally, the machine incorporates a tilting feature. The benefit of this is the ability to warm spaces instantly and transfer warmth to every corner of the room.

The heater is easy to carry, thanks to the built-in carrying handle and the compact size. Also, it is safe to use. The reason is the over-heat protection, ETL certification, and tip-over switch that shuts it off after tipping forward or backward. You can expect the heater to heat rooms fast and widely, thanks to the PTC ceramic heater. Besides that, the heater is a perfect choice for bedrooms and reading rooms. The reason is the upgraded technology that ensures that it is quiet while working.


  • Overheating protection enhances safety and durability.
  • The heater heats up in seconds.
  • A speed setting for easy adjustment of the fan’s power.

7-Vornado MVH Vortex Heater

Vornado MVH Vortex Heater with 3 Heat Settings

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An effective way to remain in charge of your energy costs without sacrificing your comfort lies in getting Vornado MVH Vortex Heater. The heater adopts Vornado’s Vortex technology, enabling it to heat the room fast, efficiently, and quietly. Asides from that, it adopts three heat settings while the internal thermostat adopts seven settings. The benefit of this is the ability to maintain the set room temperature and tailor the energy consumption and heat output based on your desire.

You can get this heater when looking for a unit that is safe to use. The reason is the cool-touch exterior that protects you from burning your hands. Better, the heater shuts off when you tip it over or after the detection of excess heat to enhance safety and durability. The heater is a perfect choice for use in different-sized rooms. The reason is the ability to tailor the heat output by using the low 750watt setting, medium 1125watt setting, or high 1500watt setting.


  • An adjustable thermostat allows for precise heat control.
  • An integrated handle enhances portability.
  • A cool-to-touch body enhances safety.

6-Optimus H-1322 Portable 2-Speed Fan Heaters

Optimus H-1322 Portable 2-Speed Fan Heater with Thermostat

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The answer to the best fan heater designed to offer cozy comfort with peace of mind is Optimus H-1322 Portable 2-Speed Fan Heater. With two heat settings, you can select the 750watt setting for small rooms and the high 1500watt heat setting for bigger rooms. Moreover, the heater integrates an internal heat limiting thermostat. This feature allows for precise heat control to guarantee comfort to the user.

The four-position function switch supports four functions. You can use the switch to turn it off, switch to the fan function, or use the high or low heat function. Besides that, there is a tip-over switch. This is a safety feature designed to turn it off after accidentally tipping over. The power indicator light is another addition that allows you to know when the fan is on or off. Also, there is a thermal cutoff device that enhances the safety of the user.


  • The fan-only setting is suitable for use in the summer.
  • A built-in handle enhances portability.
  • The heater features a compact size that makes it ideal for small spaces.

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5-Lasko Lasko-22 Digital Ceramic Oscillating Remote

Lasko Lasko-22 Digital Ceramic Oscillating Remote

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Responding to the need for an affordable electric heater is Lasko Lasko Ceramic Heater. Not only is it reasonably priced, but it uses less power making it an energy-efficient option. Another advantage is that it is made using flame retardant materials. These materials plus a plug that meets the US voltage requirements assure you of getting a high-quality heater that is safe to use. To enhance safety, the heater can shut off automatically after overheating or tipping over.

You can expect the heater to heat rooms fast. The reason is the PTC ceramic heating element that allows it to heat fast. Also, the unit operates quietly. As a result, you can get it as a perfect addition for use at work or in sleeping rooms. The heater features a small size making it perfect for use on the tabletop or under the table. Its automatic thermostat control mode makes it a perfect choice when looking for power and energy-efficient space heater.


  • A sturdy and broad base enhances safety and stability.
  • The compact size makes it easy to carry.
  • The heater adopts convection heating that allows the air to flow in three dimensions.

4-De’Longhi Portable Fan Heater Overheat Protection

De'Longhi Portable Fan Heater, Quiet 1500W, 2 Settings, Energy Saving, Overheat Protection, Compact & Ideal for Small to Medium Sized Rooms

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Acquire the warmth wherever you need it once you purchase De’Longhi Portable Fan Heater. Featuring a lightweight and compact design, the heater is a perfect choice for a portable unit that lets you enjoy the comfort of personalized warmth wherever you need it. Additionally, it features an adjustable thermostat and two heat settings. As a result, you can customize your heating needs by choosing the high 1500watt heat setting or the low 750watt heat setting.

When the temperatures drop below the freezing point, the anti-freeze setting activates so that the heater can turn on when the temperature is at 44 degrees Fahrenheit. Besides that, there is a thermal shutoff safety device and an internal tip-over switch. Because of this, the heater can turn off after overheating or once it falls over to guarantee safety to the user.


  • The heater is available in three color options.
  • A wide solid base enhances stability.
  • A power indicator light allows you to know whether the heater is on or off.

3-Space Heater Portable Heater Fan

Space Heater, Portable Heater Fan

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The answer to a fan heater that is designed to deliver a fast heating and constant temperature experience is Dyson Hot + Cool Jet Focus AM09 Fan Heater. Adopting a patented air multiplier technology can create a powerful stream of uninterrupted airflow to help project heating or cooling effectively and evenly.

Adding to that, the unit includes an intelligent thermostat. In the heater mode, the thermostat monitors the room temperature and maintains the target temperature so that there is no wasted energy. The Fan Heater is a great choice when safety is desired. The reason is the lack of exposed heating elements, as well as the ability of the heater to turn off after tipping.


  • A quiet-mark accreditation makes it suitable for use in all rooms.
  • An oscillation control for the efficient spreading of warm air.
  • A magnetized remote control can be stored on the machine.
  • The heater doesn’t include fast-spinning blades to guarantee safety for little fingers and paws.

2-HOME CHOICE Small Ceramic Space Heater

andily Small Ceramic Space Heater Electric Portable Heater Fan for Home Dorm Office Desktop and kitchen

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HOME CHOICE Small Ceramic Space Heater. Featuring a compact and lightweight design, it is a perfect choice when looking for a portable space heater. Moreover, the heater adopts three heat settings. You can use the high 1500watt heat setting, low 750watt heat setting, or the fan-only setting during the summer. The adjustable thermostat is another addition. This feature activates when using the heater option to assure you of getting comfortable warmth all through.

The heater utilizes advanced ceramic heating elements. These elements provide a faster and more efficient heating capability making it a better option while compared to traditional heaters. Also, it features advanced safety features. These include a tip-over switch that enables it to shut off when tipped forward or backward, and automatic overheat that shuts the unit after overheating, and the ETL certification that assures you of safety. You can use the space heater while placed on the table or under the desk. The reason is the compact size and stable base designed to enhance reliability.


  • The heater arrives when fully assembled.
  • A 6-feet power cord offers a greater reach.
  • A power indicator light lets you know when the heater is plugged in.

1-Dreo Space Heater for Indoor Use

Dreo Space Heater for Indoor Use

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Drive away the chill and heat up your rooms in seconds with the help of this mini fan heater. Equipped with a PTC ceramic heating element, the heater doesn’t consume oxygen or dry the air to enhance comfort and safety. What’s more, it adopts a streamlined airflow design. As a result, it requires only three seconds to heat up while the wide-range heat projection allows it to distribute warm air evenly.

The heater is made using ABS materials. As a result, it is safe and durable to use. Also, it is equipped with a tip-over switch and overheat protection. The switch activates after tipping over to enhance safety. The heater incorporates three working modes. The high-heat 950watt model is perfect for cold winter nights and days, the low-heat 750watt model is suitable for autumn and spring, while the natural air 4watt mode is suitable for any time you need access to fresh air.


  • The heater comes while fully assembled.
  • Its small size is suitable when used in all rooms.
  • A built-in handle enhances portability.
  • The low 40-45dB noise level makes it suitable for use in bedrooms and kids’ rooms.

If you are looking for an effective way to heat the air or cool it during the summer, you can be sure to have made the right decision after buying the best fan heaters reviewed in this article. The heaters can help you improve indoor temperature within a short time and without much increase in your energy bill. So, buy either of the reviewed items for effective and efficient improvement of the air quality.

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