A high lift floor jack can be perfect for raising off-road vehicles. It has maximum lifting capacity and can lift to 5 feet. High lift floor jacks serve perfectly for professional applications and offer you better convenience. It comes in long size, and the heavy-duty construction will let you use it for a long time. You can have many options, and it makes sure there will be maximum safety. Here is the list of the top 10 best high lift floor jacks for cars.


Top 10 Best High Lift Floor Jacks for Car Reviews

10-BIG RED Floor Jacks Torin Hydraulic Trolley Service Jack

BIG RED T83006 Torin Hydraulic Trolley Service/Floor Jack

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The consistent hydraulic pump makes the lifting process fluid. This pump of this high lift floor jack for a car has overloading protection. Moreover, the vehicle lifter is capable of withstanding up to 3-tons of weight. Industrial-grade steel construction prolongs the lifespan of this model. However, this floor jack makes an ideal choice for every garage.

You can also use this system for SUVs, trucks, cars, and vans. Furthermore, the long saddle design keeps your vehicle in the proper place. Therefore, this floor jack never exposes you to danger. The 360-degree rotating caster wheels let you place this tool accurately. Nevertheless, the single-piston pump offers smooth lifting.


  • The handle is quickly detachable.
  • Never requires excessive pumping.
  • Suitable for different types of cars.


  • Nothing wrong.

9-Pro-Lift Low Profile Floor Jacks

Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor Jack

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The 2-ton weight limit makes this floor jack suitable for heavyweight cars. Moreover, rustproof construction extends the lifespan of this tool. The hardwearing steel construction also makes this model sturdy.  However, the high lift floor jack for a car has an internal safety valve. Therefore, you can keep this model safe from overloading.

The hydraulic pump also raises the floor jack accordingly. Furthermore, this tool makes an ideal choice for commercial places. You can adjust the lifting range from 3.5 to 14-inch. Nevertheless, the bypass device protects the pump from damages. This low-profile module works with various vehicles as well.


  • The pump resists overloading.
  • Includes a bypass device for safety.
  • Comes with an extra low-profile design.


  • No con to report.

8-Blackhawk Fast Lift Service Jack

Blackhawk B6350 Black/Red Fast Lift Service Jack

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The inbuilt internal safety valve prevents this floor jack from overloading. This jack has a capacity of holding up to 3.5-tons of weight. Moreover, you can use this tool for repairing automotive parts. The smooth hydraulic system makes lifting trouble-free. Nevertheless, this tool comes with a vent plug. Therefore, this floor jack offers safe operation.

The universal joint also offers the best load control. Furthermore, the rotating saddle provides the best jack positioning. The rugged construction makes this tool suitable for any automotive repairing task. However, the saddle of this model measures 4-inch. You can use this tool for your garages as well.


  • Utilizes a silent hydraulic pump.
  • The caster wheels offer smooth rolling.
  • Has a precise load-controlling universal joint.


  • No con as such.

7-Pittsburgh Automotive Rapid Pump Lift

New! 3000 Lb 1.5 Ton Aluminum Racing Car Auto Floor Jack Low Profile Rapid Pump Lift

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This high lift floor jack for the car makes your job done within a few pumps. The dual-parallel pump system also makes this system quite functional. However, this repairing tool works with different types of vehicles. Moreover, this low-profile floor jack has a pit crew-quality design. The smooth-rolling caster wheels make movement easier.

However, the floor jack also offers the best positioning every time. Furthermore, industrial-grade material construction prolongs the lifespan of this model. The anodized finish makes this machine resistant to rust and corrosion. Nevertheless, this tool is the best choice for automotive enthusiasts. The aircraft-grade aluminum feels light in weight yet durable.


  • The pump offers rapid lifting.
  • Includes two parallel pump systems.
  • Comes with a rustproof anodized finish.


  • Construction could be of more quality.

6-Arcan Quick Rise Aluminum Floor Jacks

Floor Jack

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The ergonomic design makes this high lift floor jack for cars extremely practical. The bypass and overload valves increase the weight-bearing capacity of this tool. Moreover, this floor jack is suitable for various auto-repairing services. The vehicle lifter involves the construction of aircraft-grade aluminum material. However, this machine lasts longer than usual.

The rubber saddle and foam-wrapped rubber handle also assure safety to vehicles. However, the rubber-coated parts keep your cars safe from scratches. These valves prevent the over-extension of the hydraulic arm. Furthermore, the side-mount handle lets you freely adjust the jack positioning. This machine consists of a dual pump piston.


  • Causes no damages to vehicle parts.
  • Suitable for automotive repairing purposes.
  • The valves stop the overextension of hydraulic rams.


  • Nothing negative.

5-Performance Tool Compact Trolley Jack Garage Jack


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This jack stand has a maximum load-bearing capacity of 5000-lbs. The swivel caster wheels also make movement easier with this tool. This trolley jack is the perfect pick for lifting light-duty trucks and vehicles. Moreover, the caster wheels help you to place this jack in the exact place. Nevertheless, the hydraulic pump lets you raise the height to 42-inch.

This floor jack also has a lifting range of 5 to 15.5-inch. Furthermore, you can use this tool for automotive maintenance services. This system is capable of lifting various types of vehicles. However, the powder-coated finish prolongs the lifespan of this tool.


  • Lifts almost every vehicle.
  • Provides a wide lifting range.
  • The caster wheels offer accurate positioning.


  • No drawback to point out.

4-Omega Lift Floor Jack Professional Heavy Duty Hydraulic Magic Lift

Professional Heavy Duty Hydraulic Magic Lift

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This high lift floor jack for a car has a rated weight-bearing capacity of 3.5-ton. You can also safely use this tool for auto repair services. Moreover, the heavy-duty metal construction makes this floor jack unthinkably hardwearing. The metered release system provides you with the best load control. However, the U-joint release mechanism assists you to load vehicles properly.

You can also control the lifting process from 4 to 21-5/8-inch. The no-off-center forces let you use the pump without any hassle. Furthermore, the cast iron lift arm offers exceptional durability. This broad swivel saddle lets you have accurate jack positioning.


  • Consists of a large swivel saddle.
  • Includes a metered release system.
  • The cast iron arm is exceptionally durable.


  • Few reviews are available.

3-Pittsburgh Low Profile Floor Jack

Floor Jack with Rapid Pump by Pittsburgh Automotive

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The 2-piece knurled handle assures a good grip over this floor jack. You can also use this tool for lifting cars from 2-feet off the ground. Moreover, this machine has a universal joint release. You will also have accurate control over the method of lifting. This high lift floor jack for a car has a foam-wrapped bumper to keep your vehicle safe from abrasions.

The dual-piston pumping also makes lifting quicker and labor-saving. Furthermore, the vehicle lifter is capable of holding up to 3-tons of weight. The foot pedal lets you pump this floor jack without any difficulty. Nevertheless, the ultra-wide steel casters make movement easier with this tool.


  • Keeps vehicle parts damage-free.
  • Comes with dual-piston pump technology.
  • Has universal joint release for precise load control.


  • Nothing negative to report.

2-Pro-LifT Low Profile Floor Jack Car Hydraulic Trolley Jack Lift for Home Garage Shop

Car Hydraulic Trolley Jack Lift for Home Garage Shop

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The floor jack has a maximum lifting capacity of 2.5-tons. The inbuilt pass-by device also keeps the hydraulic system safe from damages. Moreover, the low-profile feature makes both storage and portability easier for mechanics. The high lift floor jack for a car has the construction of hardwearing steel. Nevertheless, this machine has a lifting range of 3-3/8 to 14-7/8-inch.

The hydraulic lifting mechanism smoothly lifts your vehicles. The broad swivel saddle lets you place this floor jack with flexibility. Furthermore, the carrier handle makes the shifting of this vehicle lifter hassle-free. However, the bigger caster wheels offer stress-free maneuverability as well.


  • Ideal for heavyweight vehicles.
  • Comes with a wide lifting range.
  • Utilizes silent hydraulic lifting mechanism.


  • No drawback as such.

1-Sunex 3-Ton Aluminum Lift

Sunex 6603ASJ 3 Ton Aluminum Lift

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The flexible elevation makes this floor jack ideal for mechanics. The frame of this jack also involves the construction of high-grade aluminum. Moreover, this tool comes with rapid-rising technology. Hence, you can quickly reach the height of 19.3-inch. The rubber saddle pad and foam-wrapped bumper protect the car body from scratches. However, this high lift floor jack for cars has a reinforced lift arm.

This lift arm with the high-density side plates offers exceptional weight resistance. Furthermore, the side-mounted handles provide hassle-free jack positioning. The wider track wheels provide hassle-free portability. Nevertheless, the side-mounted handles deliver the best jack positioning.


  • Has a high-tensile lifting arm.
  • Offers quick and effortless jack positioning.
  • Raises cars with a smoother elevating process.


  • No con at all.

Buying Guide For High Light Floor Jack

Quality: High lift floor jacks are composed of different types of materials. You will have to invest in the one that allows you to use it for a long time. Look for the one that delivers reliable performance and comes with safety features. Aluminum and steel are some of the common materials and it must resist rust and corrosion.

Lift Range: The lift range is one of the most important factors that you need to see while buying a high lift floor jack. It can vary accordingly from one unit to another and most of it has a capacity of up to 22 inches. Getting the right one is a user preference and you will have to see if it meets your needs.

Capacity: Always see if it has a high weight capacity so that there will be reliable performance. If you are looking to use it for heavy-duty tasks, then it must have a load capacity of up to 7 tons.

Saddle: When it comes to saddle size, it is the surface area that allows you to have direct contact with the vehicle. You will have to go for the one that comes with a large saddle and it must offer better stability.

Others: You need to see if it comes with multiple features. Always go for the one that allows you to have a hassle-free operation. It must have wide applications and let you move it conveniently from one place to another. See if the product offers you many options.


When you are buying a high lift floor jack for your vehicle or garage, you should be opting for a high-quality product. There are various types of high light floor jacks available online with different quality. That is why our team has focused on multiple parameters while choosing the best ones for you.

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