Do you still have an old TV at home or even a projector in the office that still works? Well, although the digital is rapidly evolving constantly with new technology and devices being invented, you can still use your old gadgets with the current AV connection with the use of HDMI to RCA converters. The HDMI converter works as a link between the old devices that cannot operate with the new versions of AV hardware. How?

The HDMI converters connect the old gears with the new ones allowing you to receive uninterrupted signals and formats of both videos and audios. The HDMI to RCA converters is compatible with multiple devices like TV sticks, Roku, PS3, PS4 and even projectors. These gadgets are easy to connect since they are compatible with all the retro devices with composite or AV connector ports. The following review features the top ten best HDMI to RCA converters.


Top 10 Best HDMI to RCA Converters Reviews

10-WONLYUS HDMI to RCA Converter 1080P

Wonlyus HDMI to RCA Converter

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This is easy to use device that converts the HDMI videos to the normal signals of 480i, 576i and for the L/R 3.5 mm. The invention provides audio for all the compatible devices on TV, DVD, VHS and VCR. The HDMI device provides two TV formats depending on the state you are using it.

For those living in the US, you can format with the NTSC and those living in other countries can format with PAL. This device is easy to use, and the lightweight style makes it smooth to move with.

Special features

  • This HDMI compact is suitable to use in multiple states
  • It has two TV format Output to choose from depending on the state
  • It is compatible with the HDMI 1.3 support ranging from 480i to 1080p
  • The package comes with a power adaptor, cable and a manual for guidance

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This is a multifunctional device for converting both audio and videos. You can pair the HDMI compact with either a desktop or a TV. The device changes the HDMI signals to the standard packages to match with the viewers’ needs and the type of device you pair it with.

The signals are available for TVs, DVDs, VHS, among others. Another regular feature of this HDMI converter is the advanced video processing technologies essential for bringing out better images and colour definitions. This HDMI converter connects to HDMI 1.3 and display signals in two different formats

Special features

  • The outer casing of this gadget features a quality design
  • It comes with a USB for hooking to a power source
  • A 5V power source can only charge this device
  • It displays signals in PAL and NTSC

8-RuiPuo HDMI to AV Converter HDMI Converter to RCA

 HDMI to AV Converter HDMI to Video Audio Adapter Supports PAL/NTSC

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This is a multifunctional HDMI converter compatible with PS3, Blu- ray and even the player Sky HD Box. It is compatible with both modern and old devices models as long it has the composite and AV connector.

This converter connects to devices with a 1.3 port and supported high HDMI levels of up to 1090P. Note that this HDMI converter is not compatible with the 4k devices and does not support 3D.

Special features

  • This HDMI converter is compatible with multiple devices
  • It is easy to use
  • Supports HDMI of up to 1080P
  • It can be connected to both new and old devices
  • It has two signal formats to choose from

7-Enbuer HDMI Converter 1080P Adaptor Cable Support

Enbuer HDMI to RCA Converter

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If you need a compact HDMI to RCA converter device that you can carry when going to different working stations get this model. It is easy to use, and it automatically converts digital videos and audio to analogue to fit your needs. The device converts the digital signals from the TV stick, ROKU, STB and Blu Ray, PS3, and PS4 to your preferred analogue RCA signals.

This device is quite reliable since it works with the majority of the HDMI output and RA input devices. This HDMI RCA gadget connects to old devices like monitors or projectors.

Special features

  • It has a universal cable that connects to all the HDMI and RCA chipsets
  • The device supports the HDMI input format from 480i to 1080P
  • The compact size makes it easy to move around with the converter

6-HDM to composite Video Audio Converter Adaptor

HDMI to Composite Video Audio Converter Adapter

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If you need a simple HDMI to RCA converter that will not cost you a lot, this model is a great choice. It is a compact-sized converter comfortable to tag long if you need to use it for various projects. It is easy to use since it easily connects to multiple analogue devices as long they have either composite, AV or RC connector ports.

This device can work with TV sticks, RCA, TV sticks and even projectors. It has a universal cable that connects to 1.3 ports, and it gives a signal output of 480i to 1080P. It is crucial to note that you cannot pair this converter with 3D or 4K devices.

Special features

  • This converter device is compatible with multiple devices such as TV, projector, Roku and even cameras
  • It is super compact and flexible to travel with
  • Compatible with RCA devices with composite, AV and RC connectors
  • It provides an input of 480i to 1080P

5-Dingsun RCA Converter HDMI to Audio Video Converter

Dingsun HDMI to RCA Converter

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One of the best features of this converter is the high-resolution power of 1080P it provides on connecting it to other devices. It is easy to use and smoothly plugs as long the RCA device has a 1.3 input port.

The converter is compatible with multiple devices ranging from PS3, DVD, PC, Blueray, Xbox One and Roku, among others. You can use this converter to update various projects such as old games to meet the current models.

Special features

  • This is easy to operate the converter
  • It is compatible with various devices
  • It converts to NTSC format for those living in the USA
  • The converter is compatible with PS3, PC, DVD and Roku among others

4-ABLEWE 1080P Mini RCA Composite CVBS Video Audio Converter

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This HDMI to RCA converter provides a display resolution of 720P to 1080p. It is suitable for both video and audio conversion where it easily converts the videos and audios to the AV composite video and F/FR stereo.

This converter comes with a USB cable for charging, which is an additional advantage in case you want to use it with devices like PCs. This converter is easy to use since it does not require any installation process when setting up to use.

Special features

  • This converter has a wide range of compatibility with most devices and gadgets
  • It is easy to set up and use since there is no installation needed
  • It converts both video and audios to RCA signals
  • The converter has the scaler video processing technology to enhance the brightness of the picture

3-Tackston 1080P RCA Converter

Tackston Convert HDMI to RCA Converter

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Although this converter device does not support the 4K devices, it has great compatibility with multiple RCA devices. Some of the devices you can use the converter with include Roku, laptops, PCs, PS4 and other analogue TVs. This is an easy to operate converter that just requires you to plug and start to use.

It has a compact size and flexible weight for convenient carrying in case you wish to travel with it. No need to buy extra cables or connectors since this converter has a universal connecting USB cable.

Special features

  • No installation is required to connect the device just plug and start to use
  • It comes with 24 months warranty
  • It provides a display resolution of 1080P
  • Compatible with multiple devices including analogue TVs

2-3 Port HDMI to RCA converter HDMI Video Audio Adaptor to AV Converter

3 Port HDMI to AV Converter HDMI to RCA Adapter

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Whether you need to convert videos or audio to the analogue models, this right here is the perfect converter to buy. The converter is compatible with RCA, PS3, Blu-ray, and many others. The converter provides high-resolution display power of up to 1080P and easily connects to 1.3 ports.

Note that this converter does not support devices with 3D and 4k displays. It displays in two major signals formats which are the PAL and NTSC.

Special features

  • This converter has a high compatibility power
  • It connects to old devices with composite or AV connectors.
  • It has high compatibility including cameras
  • High-resolution power of 1080P

1-AmazonBasics HDMI to RCA Converter

AmazonBasics HDMI to RCA Converter

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With less than 30 dollars get this amazing converter to get your digital videos and audios to the retro formats. It has a compact size and is lightweight to fit people who need a converter they can travel with. It is perfect for both audio and video conversion and connects to the old devices with either composite or AV connectors.

The converter has an input of 480i to 1080P, which are displayed in two different formats. No installation or drivers are required to connect this device for an easy setup process.

Special features

  • The connector is light and compact for easy transportation
  • It is easy to setup
  • It provides a display input of 1080P
  • The converter connects to RCA devices with AV or composite connector


These are the simplest and easiest to use HDMI to RCA converters for people who need a device that can change their digital videos and audios to analogue. The above converts are smooth to use because they do not require driver connections when setting up. They easily connect to devices with RV and composite connectors.

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