How do you keep your gaming desk organized and free from clutter when playing? Well, one of the best decluttering items to get for your desk is headphones stand. The headphone stands provide a comfortable space for holding the headphones and other headsets. The headphone stands have flat bases with a non-slip material that secures the stand firmly when you set them on various working tables.

They have varying styles and designs whereby some models have connection ports, and other feature LED lights. It is quite easy to get the right headphone stand since they have a high compatibility design. The holding section features a universal style to fit various sizes and styles of headphones.


Top 10 Best Premium Headset Stand | Headphone Stands Reviews

10-New Bee Earphone Stand Headset Holder Headphone Stand

New Bee Earphone Headphone Stand Headset Holder

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Do you need a quality headphone holder for your studio? This great stand may work for you as it is built to last and accommodate various users. The stand has durable aluminium materials, plus a flexible headrest for convenience when clipping the headphones.

The stand is compatible with multiple models of headphones such as Philips, Sony, Hyper X Cloud 11’s, Dr Dre, among others. The base of this headphone stand has ABS material that provides excellent support and stability as long you set it up on a flat surface. The stand is super unique in design and light for portability if you need to carry it with you when travelling.

Special features

  • This stand is compatible with a wide range of headphone models
  • It has sturdy aluminium materials with an ABS base for the great support
  • It is perfect for multiple areas like home, school, studio and even working places
  • The stand has lightweight for portability

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9-Full Aluminum Headphones Stand Non-Slip Silicone Earphone Stand

 Full Aluminum Headphone Stand Headset Holder Gaming Headset

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If you need a quality and compact headphone holder for your gaming headphones, this right here is the perfect option. This stand is light in weight and small to save storage space on your gaming table. This stand is compatible with all models of headphones which make it suit various places around the office, studio, home, and even learning institutions.

The holding section of the headphones has a soft TPE pad to provide a cushioning surface for the headphones for safety and protection. This headphone stand has a sturdy and flat base that stands firmly on any surface you set it up as long it is flat.

Special features

  • This headphone stand has a polished aluminium material design to resist scratches
  • The holder has a TPE pad to secure the headphones from damages
  • The headphones stand a sturdy base
  • You can use the stand with all headphone models

8-KAFRI RGB Headphone Stand with USB Hub

KAFRI RGB Headphone Stand with USB Hub

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You don’t need to spend a lot of money to acquire a functional and durable headphone stand since this right here is a good choice. The headphone stand has a classy design with LED lights that provide excellent illumination on your desk. It is perfect for gaming enthusiasts, studios, offices or even home for those who conduct live meetings at the house.

The stand has a flat and stable base that fits perfectly in any table you set up. The headphones holding section has a cushion to protect the headphones from scratches or damage.

Special features

  • This headphone stand has a port for charging or transferring documents
  • It is compatible with a lot of headphone brands
  • The package comes with other accessories like a headphone dock, USB hub and USB cord
  • The stand has LED lights that provide magnificent illuminations

7-EletecPro Universal Alloy Gaming Headset Headphone Stand Holder

EletecPro Headphone Stand Holder

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This stand features a hanging structure which makes it possible to hang or hold any type of headphones. Thus, you can use it with multiple sizes and styles of headphones. Other than holding the headphones at the working table, this stand adds a great look due to its shiny aluminium finish that gives a beautiful illumination.

It is super sturdy and has a flat base that sits well on any surface or working table you set it up. The aluminium materials are moulded and hand polished to safeguard the stand from chipping or scratches.

Special features

  • This headphone stand has a universal fitting to suit all models of headphones
  • It has a lightweight design for portability
  • The aluminium finish gives your working table a beautiful finish look
  • The stand is quite affordable

6-Corsair Surround Sound RGB Premium Headset Stand

Corsair Surround Sound RGB Premium Headset Stand

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Organize your gaming desk by getting this well cut out headphone stand. It is an affordable model and compatible with a wide range of headphones that you may be using on your gaming desk. The stand has a 3.5 mm analogue input for listening to music or playing a variety of game models.

The stand also has an extra 3.1 USB input that allows one to charge the phone and other devices. The base has rubber material that secures the stand firmly on the table for stability and safety.

Special features

  • This headphone stand has CORSAIR CUE software for an audio equalizer
  • It has a 3.5 mm input to support analogue stereos
  • This stand has a rubber anti-skid base for stability
  • It has a 3.1 input port for connection with other devices

5-Dual Aluminum Headphones Stand Holder

Jokitech Headphones Stand Holder

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This is a dual headphone stand that holds two pieces of headphones at once. It has a sturdy and stable base for stability regardless of the table you set the stand at. The stand is compatible with various models and even sizes of headphones which make it fit in various places like home, offices, studio and gaming rooms.

The stand features aluminium materials plus CNC precise cut crafting to secure the stand from scratches and other damages.

Special features

  • The headphones stand comes with a two years warranty
  • It is compatible with various headphones sizes and brands
  • It can fit two headphones at ones
  • The stand has a stable and quality stand

4-COZOO Headphone Stand Desktop Gaming Headset Holder Hanger

COZOO Desktop Gaming Headset Holder Hanger

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If you need a multifunctional headphone holder for your studio or gaming room, this model may be the right choice. Apart from holding your headphones firmly, this headphone stand has ports for charging your gadgets such as phones. The stand automatically detects the device for fast charging of the gadgets depending on the type.

Thus, you can use it to charge your laptop, phone, printer, and other devices on your table. It has a stable and rubber base that secures it on the table and prevents it from wobbling.

Special features

  • The stand comes with 24 months warranty and 90 days money return warranty
  • The headphone stand comes with an extra USB port for charging devices
  • It has safety features to protect other gadgets from short circuits and explosions
  • It has a stable base for stability and great support

3-Avantree Aluminum Metal Headphones Stand Hanger with Cable Holder

Avantree Aluminum Metal Headphone Stand Hanger

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Apart from providing a stable surface to keep your headphones, this stand also ensures keeping the working place organized by providing a space to hold the cables. The stand is compatible with various brands of headphones such as Sony, Beats, Bose, and many others.

The tops section has a silicon pad that looks quite stylish while securing the headphones from damage. The base of the stand is quite stable and has anti-skid materials to ensure it is firmly on the table.

Special features

  • This stand comes with a 2-year warranty for quality assurance
  • It has a silicon pad to protect the headphones from scratches
  • The stand has a cable organizer design to declutter the working table
  • It has high compatibility with various brands of headphones

2-Blade Hawks Gaming Headphones Stands

Blade Hawks RGB Headphone Stand

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This headset holder has LED lights that illuminate various classic colours on the area you set up from. It is perfect for gaming people since the design and the lights add a lively look to the room. This headphone holder stand has two USB ports where you can connect other gadgets and devices to keep the working area organized.

It also has 1 AUX so you can sync various sounds to deliver the best audios in the studio or your gaming room. You can use this stand from different working spaces since it has a flat base that stands firmly on tables as long it is flat.

Special features

  • This headphone stand has a compact size to save the installation space you set it up
  • It features a lightweight form for portability in case you use it in the various areas at home
  • The stand has two USB ports compatible with other gadgets
  • It has LED lights that add elegance to the table

1-AmoVee Headphone Hanger Support Acrylic Headphone Stands

AmoVee Acrylic Headphone Stand

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This is a unique transparent headphone holder with a translucent finish to give a great reflection of your headphones. It is super light for convenience in case you want to travel with it. This headset holder has the hanging style to accommodate various brands of headphones.

Its compact size fits in the majority of working space and saves space if you use it in an office. Note that although this stand has a compact and lightweight style, it is super reliable thanks to the flat and non-slip base that fits perfectly on different tables.

Special features

  • You can use this holder to store headphones, headsets and earphones
  • It has a headphone shape to provide a perfect fitting
  • The stand can hold all brands and models of headphones
  • It is a portable model


Keep your table organized by acquiring these amazing headphone stands. They are small in size and light for convenience use, even in small spaces. These headphone stands are ideal for public areas since they are compatible with a wide range of headphones and headsets.

Some models have ports for connecting with other devices and gadgets, while others have LED lights for illumination. Get the perfect stand from these ten brands.

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