Did you know that you can prepare your ice at home to serve your guests during house parties or family events? Well, the ice maker machines come in varying sizes including compact and lightweight machines comfortable to use at home. The best ice makers for home use are easy to operate and can make reasonable sizes of ice of up to 20 or more pounds.

These ice makers are easy to carry such that you can move them outdoors to prepare your ice. Some models prepare ice cubs in varying sizes and shapes which is easy to choose from the machine makers. So, save some bucks and prepare your ice at home with the use of an ice maker.


Top 10 Best Automatic Portable Ice Maker Machines Reviews

10-Euhomy Ice Maker Machine Countertop

Euhomy Ice Maker Machine Countertop

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Are you having a party in your garden over the weekend? Get this great ice-making machine for preparing ice to serve cocktails and other refreshing drinks for your guests. The machine has a compact size to fit on a working table when preparing the ice. It only takes around 6 minutes to prepare ice cubes for serving and a total of 26 pounds of ice for a whole day.

This ice-making machine operates in a quieter mode of a 45dB sound level to avoid disturbance in the house. Using this machine is easy since you just need to add water, plug to power, and press the power button then select the ice sizes you wish to make.

Special features

  • This ice making machine is a space saver
  • LED indicator when the ice is ready
  • A 2-year warranty and 45 days money refund warranty
  • Two different sizes options

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9-Frigidaire Silver Compact Ice Machines

Frigidaire SILVER Compact Ice Maker

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This ice maker from Frigidaire features a large top window so you can smoothly peak and view the ice-making process. The device comes with a compressor cooling fun to regulate its temperatures and prevent overheating in the course where you use it multiple times. It is convenient for serving in busy areas since it disperses ready-made ice within 6 minutes.

The other reliable feature of this compact ice maker is that you can comfortably use it while the party gets one. It operates in low sounds of 38 dB to avoid distractions of the ongoing activities round.

Special features

  • This ice maker machine features a small size to save the storage space
  • The machine prepares ice in two different sizes
  • The machine disperses ice within 6 minutes
  • It has a large transparent window so you can peak and view the preparing ice

8-Home labs Freestanding Commercial Maker Machine

hOmeLabs Freestanding Commercial Ice Maker Machine

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Do you need a quality ice maker to equip at your workstation for serving chilled drinks? This model from the Home lab is a good choice of an ice maker worth checking out. The machine is comfortable to set up in different areas since it has a free-standing design thanks to the stable base.

The ice maker is suitable for making large quantities of ice as it can prepare up to 99 pounds of ice in a day, and the basket can store around 29 pounds of ice. The ice maker machine has quality material construction to withstand constant and heavy-duty usage.

Special features

  • This ice maker machine comes with a 1-year warranty plus 30 days money refund
  • It can make 99 pounds of ice in a day
  • It has a freestanding base for convenience when setting up at home or office
  • The water tank can hook from a water hose for a refill when making ice

7-Prime Home Portable Ice Machine for countertop

Prime Home Direct Ice Makers Countertop

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This ice maker takes only 8 minutes to make ice cubes ready to use. The machine prepares 26 pounds of ice if you need to serve large crowds. The entire machine measures 9.5 x 12.9 x 14 inches to fit in small spaces at the countertops and it is quite light if you wish to carry and use it from outdoors.

This ice maker has safety measures such as automatic shut-off to prevent overflow on the ice basket. And it has an LED indicator that notifies you when the water is running low for a refill. It is an energy-efficient ice-making machine that operates at 120 watts and low sounds for convenience if you set it up in an office.

Special features

  • This ice maker comes with a basket and a scoop for fetching the ice
  • It prepares cylindrical ice cubes in 8 minutes
  • It has safety measures like auto-shut when the ice basket gets full
  • The ice maker is light in weight for portability

6-Tavata Countertop Ice Portable Machines

Tavata Countertop Portable Ice Maker Machine

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This is a multifunctional and flexible ice-making machine for the office or home parties. The machine prepares 9 ice cubes within 8 minutes and 26 pounds in24 hours. This ice maker is easy to use since the steps for making the ice are easy to follow. The lightweight and compact style makes it a great choice for outdoor parties since you can easily move it around.

The machine makes the ice cubes in different shapes which you get to choose from. The LED indicator helps to notify you when the ice cube basket is full to prevent overflowing, and when you need to add water to the reservoir.

Special features

  • The material construction of the ice maker machines are quality and resistant to scratch and quick wear
  • The machine is light in weight for portability
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty
  • The machine can disperse the ice cubes in different shape

5-GE Countertop Nugget Maker

GE Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

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If you have a small working space in your bar or home, this compact-sized ice maker machine may be the right option for you. The unit measures 15.5 x 14.25 x 17.2 inches. The machine works fast as it can prepare crunchy soft and shaped ice cubes within 20 minutes.

It has a large basket that can hold around 3 pounds of ice and it prepares 24 pounds of ice in a day. The smart GE Bluetooth connection allows you to control the functioning of the ice maker from afar using a smart device.

Special features

  • The unit is made of stainless steel materials and a plastic cover
  • It has a lightweight design for portability
  • This ice maker machine prepares 24 pounds of ice in 24 hours
  • It has a GE Bluetooth connection so you can schedule its operation with a smartphone.

4-U-Line Under-counter Crescent Ice Maker

U-Line Undercounter Crescent Ice Maker

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The U-liner ice maker machine is suitable for home use or areas that do not require a lot of ice production since it can prepare 23 pounds of ice in a day. It is also an energy-efficient ice maker that works fast to reduce electric consumption in the house. This ice maker only requires around 3 gallons of water and you can connect to a 1/4 inch water outlet to add water to the reserves.

Special features

  • This ice maker machine makes 23 pounds of ice in 24 hours
  • It only requires 3 gallons of water to prepare 23 pounds of office
  • It has a stable base and compact size to minimize the installation space
  • The unit has durable and quality material constructions

3- Sunpentown Stainless steel door Undercounter Ice Maker


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This ice-making machine is made to last for a long time thanks to the heavy-duty and quality stainless steel material construction. The machine is suitable to keep under the counter since it has a compact size to save space and it has quality materials construction for durability.

The free-standing design makes it easy to set up the machine and use it from different areas. It can prepare up to 12 pounds of ice daily.

Special feature

  • This ice making machine has a quality stainless steel materials design
  • It fits perfectly under the counter
  • It has a front exhaust fan to reduce overheating
  • The machine makes 12 pounds of ice in 24 hours

2-Deco Rapid Portable Automatic Electric Countertop Ice Maker

Deco Rapid Portable Automatic Electric Countertop Ice Maker

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The VPCOK ice maker machine prepares 26 pounds of ice in a day a good serving for home or small crowd settings like in the office. It has a compact size construction to save the installation space around the house or at the office.

This ice maker machine is easy to operate since it comes with an operation button for adjusting the size of the ice cubes. The machine has a smart auto-shut mechanism where it immediately stops when the ice basket is full to prevent overflow.

Special features

  • The machine has an auto shut off detection when the ice fills in the basket and when water runs out
  • The machine can prepare 26 pounds of ice in a day
  • It is easy to clean after use
  • Operating this machine is quite smooth for all.

1-Kismile Automatic Ice Cube Maker

Kismile Counter top Ice Maker Machine with Self-Cleaning

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The ice maker machine is suitable for small home parties or uses in the office due to its size and lightweight structure. The ice maker machine is suitable to set up on a countertop since it does not take up large space on the table.

The machine operates in a quiet mode to prevent distractions in the house, and it can make 9 ice cubes within 8 minutes. This ice maker machine prepares 26.5 pounds of office in a day enough to serve a relatively large crowd.

Special features

  • This is an energy-efficient ice maker machine
  • It is light in weight and features a compact size structure
  • This ice maker can prepare 26.5 pounds
  • The machine does not produce annoying noises when functioning.


These ice maker machines are suitable for home, commercial places, and even office use since they have compact sizes to save the setup space and storage area. Some brands of the reviewed ice maker machines make the ice cubes in various designs to fit various events at home. These ice makers are comfortable to carry as they have lightweight styles.

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