How are you keeping your kids happy and having fun during this period? There are multiple fun accessories you can buy your kids, and if they love water activities, you need to consider buying them an inflatable pool slide. The inflatable pool slides are attached to the pool where the kids can slide to dive into the waters.

Some inflatable pool slides are meant to use with inflatable pools while others can work with the in-ground and above-ground swimming pools. Some models come with inbuilt inflatable water splash pools suitable for people who don’t have a swimming pool or if you want to set the equipment in the garden.

The inflatable pool slides are easy to set up and are compatible with garden hose pipes for a constant water supply to keep wet for as long as you use them. The following review features the top ten best inflatable pool slides on the market.


Top 10 Best Outdoor Backyard Inflatable Pool Slides Reviews

10-HONEY JOY Outdoor Water Play Center Inflatable Water Slide

HONEY JOY Inflatable Water Slide

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This is multifunctional kids’ entertaining equipment worth buying if you have a large home compound. Traditionally this equipment is useful as a water slide. However, it has other kids’ entertaining games such as splashing pools and climbing walls to allow the kids to explore and have more fun.

This water slide has safety measures since it is not too deep to prevent the kids from drowning if you are not around. The entire slide’s material design consists of heavy-duty oxford cloth that is resistant to tear even after constant use by multiple kids. The double-thick sewing on the edges safeguards it from coming off.

Special features

  • Inflating this water slide is easy and takes little time
  • The water slide is strong to withstand a weight of 300 pounds
  • It is recommendable for a kid from the age of 3 to 10 years since it is not too deep to ensure their safety
  • This is a multifunctional playing equipment

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9-Intex Play Centre Inflatable Water Slide

Intex Water Slide

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One good thing about this inflatable slide is that you don’t need to squeeze the space in your home as you can deflate and keep it away when not in use. The slide measures 10. 11 x 6.9 x 3.10 inches, an excellent and safe size for different kids from the age of 3 years.

The entire slide has quality vinyl material construction for strength and durability. It has safety features like handles to provide support to your little ones when climbing up the chamber. This slide can hold a maximum weight of 176 pounds, and it comes with repair patches in case of small punctures.

Special features

  • The slide has excellent features like fun wave graphics, five air chambers, and six quality handles.
  • The slide is suitable for kids with a weight of up to 176 pounds
  • The package comes with repair patches
  • It is easy to inflate and deflate to keep away

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8-WOW Floating Watersports Slide

WOW Watersports Slide

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Finally! This is a durable and excellent water slide that you can enjoy with your kids in the comfort of your home. This water slide features two lanes to accommodate two persons at once. The unit is quite significant as it measures 108 x 84 x 50 inches, one of the reasons it can accommodate adults.

The water slide features zippered connections that allow one to connect it with other play accessories like a water walkway and water mat to enjoy water games.

Special features

  • This water slide is made of heavy-duty PVC materials
  • It is healthy to accommodate adults
  • The water slide has two lanes to fit two people
  • You can easily connect to other accessories like the water mat and water walkway

7-WELLFUNTIME Inflatable Water Slide Park

WELLFUNTIME Inflatable Water Slide Park

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If your kids already have an inflatable pool they use at home, this inflatable pool slide may be the right choice as it pairs perfectly with other inflatable pools. Inflating this slide takes a few minutes, and it measures 49 x 23 x 23 inches a reasonable size suitable for kids from the age of 3 to 7 with minimal weight.

Special features

  • This inflatable slide is exceptionally light and suitable for kids only
  • It pairs well with an inflatable pool to prevent it from floating away in a pool
  • This slide has beautiful colors

6-Costzon Water Pool Inflatable Slide

Costzon Inflatable Slide Bouncer

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Costzon inflatable slide is multifunctional equipment with multiple playing parts for your kids to enjoy. The heavy-duty 420D oxford material construction of the slide guarantees durability and strength to accommodate various kids’ weights. The slide comes with different parts such as the curved slide, wading pool, and climbing wall to ensure optimal kids’ fun activities.

The slide comes with a carrying bag to store it with. The other feature that makes this inflatable slide recommendable for a kid is the protective net that safeguards your kids from slipping and falling on the hard ground.

Special features

  • Just connect this inflatable water slide to pump water
  • Inflating and deflating takes a few minutes to complete
  • It has multiple fun parts including a wading pool and curved slide
  • The slide is suitable for kids from the age of 3 to 4 years

5-BOUNTECH Bouncer Pool with Long slide Inflatable Water Slide

BOUNTECH Inflatable Water Slide

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Make sure your kids are still enjoying the summer seasons by buying them this inflatable pool slide. The slide features different parts, including a climbing wall and a pool for optimal fun. It is light in weight and comes with a bag for carrying and storing it with.

This water slide is made to last you for a long due to the heavy-duty 420D oxford material construction for durability and strength even after extended use. You can also use this water pool slide as a water park. Just connect it to a water hose and add water to the item.

Special features

  • The equipment has a protective net so your kids can freely enjoy the water games
  • It takes a few minutes to inflate and deflate the item
  • The entire structure has heavy-duty 420D and 840D oxford materials for durability
  • The water slide has a protective net so your kids can jump freely.

4-Water slip and slide for kids pool

Water slip and slide for kids pool

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This water pool slide can be paired with either an in-ground or above-ground pool with a high deck for your kids’ safety. You can connect this water slide with a garden hose to keep it wet throughout.

The slide has quality material construction that guarantees its durability and convenience as well. The sides of the slide have handles to provide a comfortable holding space for kids when climbing up the slide.

Special features

  • This water pool slide can be paired with in-ground and above ground pools
  • It has side handles for comfort when kids climb up
  • It features strong fused seams to protect and safeguard the slides
  • The slide is compatible with a garden hose to keep it wet

3-PicassoTiles Inflatable Water Slide Park with pool

PicassoTiles KC108 Water Slide Park

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You don’t necessarily need to have a swimming pool for your kids to enjoy water sports since this slide house will keep them engaged and entertained for a long. The pool slide comes attached to other parts like climbing walls, spray mounts, water cannons, and a pool for kids to enjoy different water activities.

This pool slide unit has quality non-toxic and ETL-certified materials to ensure your little ones’ safety. The slide comes with a blower that works at 385 watts to keep the slide functioning.

Special features

  • This is a multifunctional water playground for kids at home
  • It comes with a blower that keeps the equipment running for long
  • It has safe and non-toxic material construction
  • Inflating the entre unit may take less than 1 minute

2-BANZAI Heavy Duty Inflatable Water Slide Huge Kids Pool

BANZAI Heavy Duty Inflatable Water Slide

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If you need a pool slide that can accommodate different kids, this model may work for your home. This pool slide has a high design to fit even the tall kids. It comes with other parts like the splash ground, basketball hoop, and water sprinklers to keep the entire equipment wet.

This water pool slide has durable material construction for long use, and the seams are well stitched to safeguard them from coming off even after constant use by different kids.

Special features

  • It takes at most two minutes to set up and down this slide
  • It comes with other accessories to accommodate games
  • The height of the slide is suitable for tall kids
  • It has heavy-duty material construction for durability purposes

1-ACTION AIR Shark Bounce House with Slide Inflatable Waterslide

ACTION AIR Inflatable Waterslide

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This is another multifunctional water pool slide that you can use as a dry or wet slide. It comes with multiple accessories to keep kids of different ages entertained and engaged. The slide is suitable for people who don’t have a pool in their home as it has a splash pool for kids to enjoy the water.

This slide has quality material construction and durable sewing to safeguard the hems from coming off. The unit has all the safety parts and has been approved by CPSC for non-toxic materials construction for the kids’ safety.

Special features

  • Setting up this equipment takes around 3 minutes
  • This slide can accommodate a maximum weight of 200 pounds
  • It comes with other water fun accessories like a water gun and a splash pool
  • It is extra thick for durability and provides a safe space for kids to enjoy
  • The unit can fit four kids at ones


These inflatable pool slides are suitable for people with or without swimming pools at home. Some slides come with other accessories such as splash pools for those who don’t have a pool in homes. All these inflatable pool slides are smooth and easy to set up a process you can do without involving a technician. Choose the model that will fit your kids’ age limit and the space available in your garden.

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