How do you keep your pool area illuminated at night? Well, one way to ensure it is good and has enough lighting in case you want to dive in the pool at night is by installing the LED underwater pool lights. These types of lights have waterproof materials construction so you can conveniently install them even in the most profound areas of the pool. The LED underwater pool lights have various color illuminations to interchange, and they come with a remote for easy changing the colors from a distance.

The LED lights are multifunctional to accommodate multiple places where you need some lighting. You can mount them in a bathtub or even at an aquarium for light illumination decor. Some of these lights are multifunctional such that you can use them as centerpieces at home events.


Top 10 Best Portable LED Underwater Pool Lights Reviews

10-Qoolife Hot Tub Lights Magnetic Submersible LED Lights

Qoolife Magnetic Submersible LED Lights

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Keep your swimming pool areas glowing with these fantastic and advanced LED lights from Qoolife. The lights are easy to monitor and control since the package comes with a remote for control. Attaching the lights on the pool is easy since they have a magnet and suction cup that adheres to the pool walls.

These pool lights are powered by 3 triple-A batteries that are quite long-lasting. The lights have a waterproof casing to safeguard them from water damages. One package of these pool lights has two pieces of lights that you can equip on different parts of the pool.

Special features

  • The lights are flexible to fit in pools, bathtubs, and even spas
  • They are waterproof to secure them from water damages
  • The lights come with an IR remote for easy control when operating
  • The lights come with 12 months warranty

9-LOFTEK Full Waterproof Pool Lights for Inground Pool Submersible LED Lights with Remote

LOFTEK Submersible LED Lights Waterproof Pool Lights for Inground Pool

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If you have a large swimming pool at your residence, this brand of lighting may work for you to provide enough light. A pack comes with four LED lights that you can put in all four corners of the swimming pool. Installing the lights on the pool is easy since they have the magnet and suction cup for adhering to the walls of the swimming pool.

These LED lights from LOFTEK are controlled with a remote that can conveniently sense the lights even at a distance of 164 feet deep or away. The remote has LED color displays that you can choose to illuminate on your pool water. This is a great feature when having a pool party since you can set the lights to illuminate the same color as the party theme.

Special features

  • These swimming pool lights have magnet and suction cups for installing with
  • 13 LED that can last for 40 hours
  • Waterproof material construction
  • 16 different illumination colors and are dimmable

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8-AKSIPO Waterproof Underwater LED Lights Small Submersible LED Lights with Remote

Waterproof Underwater LED Lights

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Bring colorful illumination in your swimming pool water without breaking your bank account by acquiring these models of pool lights. A package of the lights comes with 10 pieces that fit different sizes of pools to offer the perfect lighting.

These lights are multifunctional since other than using them under the pool water, and you can also set them up as centerpieces at events or night parties. These lights are durable as they have waterproof material construction so you can reuse them for other events.

Special features

  • The batteries on these lights are durable as they can stay for up to 13 hours
  • They have varying LED lights that you can easily adjust
  • They are reusable for other events or night parties
  • The light changes to 13 different colors with only four programs

7-MAIN ACCESS Smart Lite LED underwater pool lights

Smart Lite LED underwater pool light

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One lamp from Smart lite is enough to light up your pool, and you can install it on the stair of the pool, deck, or keep it floating on the pool. This lamp illuminates bright colors that make the pool look colorful and excellent as well.

The light is an energy saver, so you don’t have to worry about it draining power in your homestead. It is a smooth lamp to install since it does not require any installation tools.

Special features

  • This is an energy saver pool lamp
  • Installing it to the surface is easy without tools
  • The light is an energy saver
  • It has waterproof material construction

6-BOSILI Battery Operated Waterproof Decorated Light Submersible LED Lights with Magnet

BOSILI Submersible 13 LED Lights with Magnet

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The color-changing design of these swimming pool lights keeps the pool looking vibrant, especially during pool parties. The lights are super easy to install with no tools as they have the magnet and suction cups for mounting on the walls of the swimming pool. The package comes with two pieces of lights that illuminate in 16 colors.

The size of the lights, plus the LED design, makes them fit multiple areas like the pool, bathtub, and even at the spa. You can install from different corners as they are powered by triple-A batteries, which eliminates the need for cabling.

Special features

  • The lights come with Radio Frequency remotes for smooth control
  • They illuminate in 16 different colors which are easy to choose with the remotes
  • They are easy to install with the magnet and suction cups
  • These are multifunctional lights that you can set up in other garden events

5-TEPENAR Submersible Led Lights with Remote

TEPENAR Submersible Led Lights with Remote

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Whether you want to install these pool lights underwater or floating, they are flexible lights that are easy to connect with no tools. The lamps come with magnets and suction cups that fit on the pool, or other areas like the bathtub or aquarium. The lights have waterproof material construction for durability and safety while underwater.

These lights are controlled by remotes which can sense the lamps at a high distance of up to 164 feet deep. The remotes have a timer that regulates the brightness of the lights from 2, 4, and 8-hour timelines.

Special features

  • These LED lamps light up in 13 different colors
  • They are smooth to control using remote
  • The package comes with two lights that regulate brightness
  • You can also set up these lights for parties

4-GLODD Pond Lights Pool Lights 13LED Underwater

GLODD Pool Lights 13LED Underwater

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These pool lights are powered by batteries that eliminate cabling so that you can set them up in multiple areas. Other than using them under the pool waters, the lights are suitable for events since they provide great LED light illumination. They have compact sizes to save space around the areas you place them.

There are 16 different LED colors to choose from and match your event or party. The lights have waterproof materials plus the O rubber ring that secures the water from penetrating the interior part of the lights.

Special features

  • One package comes with four pieces of lights
  • They have quality and waterproof material construction
  • These lights illuminate in 16 different colors and have 13 LED beams
  • The remote has a timer that ranges from 2, 4, and 6 hours

3-Roleadro Waterproof Led Pool Light Swimming Pool Lights

Roleadro Led Pool Light Waterproof

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This in-ground LED light connects to a 12 volts AV or AC for an efficient power supply. It has a waterproof casing that secures it from corrosion or water damage in case you install it under the water. This pool light comes with a 6 feet power cable for connecting it to a power source.

The lamp lights up in different dynamic modes, colors, and even speed levels which are smooth to choose when setting the lighting mode.

Special features

  • The lamp has quality waterproof and stainless steel material construction
  • It has varying illumination settings to choose from
  • It comes with 30 days money refund and a 1-year warranty
  • The light is compatible with a wide variety of swimming pools

2-Idealife Rechargeable Submersible LED Lights

Idealife Rechargeable Submersible LED Lights

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This is an excellent light pack for multiple areas like the swimming pool, aquariums, and even bathtubs. The lights have quality and waterproof construction for durability and convenience, also when setting up under the waters. The package comes with a remote for easy control of the functioning of the lamps.

The lights have an inbuilt rechargeable battery that guaranteed continued use when the power runs out. Mounting the lamps to the pool is easy using the magnet suction cups.

Special features

  • 1500 mAh lithium rechargeable battery
  • The package comes with a USB for connecting to a power source to charge.
  • Waterproof construction plus O ring seal to prevent water penetrating to the inside
  • They are perfect for lighting up aquariums

1-KJOY Battery Operated Submersible LED Lights

KJOY Battery Operated Submersible LED Lights

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With 13 LEDs beads and 16 different colors, these underwater lamps ensure to keep the pool area or any place you install them looking colorful and impressive. They are easy to control when changing colors and settings since they come with a remote for changing.

These lamps have compact sizes making them easy to install on the pool, aquarium, and even water fountains. The magnet and suction cups make the mounting process smooth, and you can install them in different areas, even on tables as centerpieces.

Special features

  • These lights are multifunctional to fit various events
  • Control with radio frequency remote
  • 16 illumination colors to choose from and 13 LEDs
  • A timer with a range of 2-hour intervals.


These ten brands of LED underwater pool lights are reliable to provide excellent illumination under the waters. They are easy to control since they come with remotes for changing the color and settings. These underwater pool lights are compatible with different water surfaces, including hot bathtubs and even aquariums. They come in varying quantities according to the brand. So, find the right lighting for your pool or tub from these ten models.

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