The photo storage boxes are multifunctional boxes that feature unique compartments for organizing pictures and other items such as movie CDs. You can use them for simple filing needs at the office. These boxes feature different designs and finishes whereby some have transparent finishing, and others have darker shades. The photo storage boxes have lids and fasteners for securing the stored pictures and items.

Some models have handles to hold when moving the boxes around and when storing the essentials as well. One of the crucial factors to consider when choosing a photo storage box are the size. Find a storage box that will fit all your storage needs. Also, consider a box that has a reliable closing mechanism to secure your items in the box. The following review consists of the top best photo storage boxes on the market today.


Top Best Photo Storage Boxes | Craft Keepers Reviews

10-IRIS USA Photo Embellishment Craft Keeper

Photo and Embellishment Craft Keeper

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Keep all your family photos secure by purchasing this photo storage box. The design of the interior part of the box stores the picture in an organized manner for easy access and arranging. The box has a snap-tight closure style for securing the pictures firmly in the box. The corners of the box are contoured to prevent damaging the stored items in the box.

Moving the box from one place to another is smooth since the lid has a handle for holding to carry. The transparent design of this box provides a seamless view of the interior part of the box.

Special features

  • The material construction of this photo box consists of BPA free PV materials
  • The box comes with photo organizers
  • It has a transparent design that displays the pictures from the exterior
  • The box has a handle for easy carrying around

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9-Novelinks Photo Box Storage Photo Case

Novelinks Photo Box Storage

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If you are looking for a durable box to store small items such as photos or other documents at home, this box from Novelinks is an excellent option. The box measures 4 x 6, and it has 16 storage compartments. Each compartment in this photo box stores around 100 pieces of photos.

The precise finishing of this photo box provides a clear view of the exterior for easy access to the stored items at home or office. The box has two snap-tight closures that secure the stored items firmly in the box. The box is ideal for traveling due to its stylish finish, and it has a handle for comfortable holding when carrying.

Special features

  • This photo box has 16 storage compartments
  • Each compartment holds 100 photos
  • The box is ideal for both home and office storage needs
  • It has two snap closure styles to secure the item firmly

8-Pioneer Photo Albums Photo Storage Box

Pioneer Photo Albums Photo Storage Box

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If you are looking for an affordable storage box to keep your most crucial documents, Pioneer’s model is a great choice. This storage box comes in multiple colors to choose the color shade to match your home or office finish. The box is lockable if you don’t want other people to access your documents or photos.

The heavy-duty material construction of this photo box guarantees its strength such that it cannot break even after accidental dropping on the ground.

Special features

  • This box has a heavy-duty and coated metal material construction
  • The box comes in in five color shades to choose from
  • This box has index cards to mark the stored items in the box
  • The box is multifunctional for storing multiple things other than photos

7-ArtBin Portable Art & Craft Organizer with Removable Dividers

ArtBin Portable Art & Craft Organizer

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If you need a durable storage box to keep your family essentials like photos or even movie CDs, this box from ArtBin is the right choice. It is quite light in weight for easy carrying around to move. The box also has an ergonomic handle for gripping when moving it around.

The box has acid-free polypropylene materials constructions that are quite strong and impact resistant. It has three removable dividers that provide ample space to organize the stored items. You can easily access the items in the box as it has transparent materials. The snap closure design secures the pieces tightly in the box.

Special features

  • This photo storage box is made of polypropylene material that has no acid emission
  • The box is quite strong and durable to resist high impacts
  • The interior has three large storage compartments
  • The box has a snap closure design

6-Novelinks Photo Storage Boxes Photo Organizer Cases

Novelinks Photo Storage Boxes

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If you are looking for quality and reliable storage units for storing photo albums in your studio, these unusual storage cases from Novelinks will serve. The storage boxes are versatile since you can still use them for home and office storage needs. These boxes are extra deep to provide enough space to store and secure the pictures and other essentials. The box has 24 storage cases, with each case holding up to 100 photos or essentials with measurements of 4 x 6 inches.

Special features

  • This box can secure around 1000 photos
  • It has quality plastic materials constructions that are resistant to high impacts
  • The box has a dual snap closure style to secure the pictures
  • The boxes are extra deep for safety storage needs

5-AmzonBasics Medium Duty Storage

AmazonBasics Medium Duty Storage

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This photo storage box has a rustic finish that makes the area you keep look unique and elegant. The box is suitable for use at home, studio, and offices for storage purposes. The box is made of corrugated cardboard that is quite strong to hold heavyweights of up to 700 pounds.

The sides of the box have handle holds for comfortable gripping the box when moving it around. The box comes in pieces and all the assembling parts for an easy assembling process. You can collapse this box to keep it away when not in use, or if you want to transport it to a different area.

Special features

  • The box has a lift-off lid for locking and securing the stored items
  • The storage box comes with one year warranty for quality assurance
  • The material construction of the box consists of corrugated cardboard
  • The box can hold a load of 700 pounds

4- COLIBROX 600-Photo Organizer Case

COLIBROX 600-Photo Organizer Case

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Keep your pictures and other small documents in good order at home or office by storing them in this box. It has a high-quality polypropylene material for easy identification of stored items. The entire unit measures 8 5/8 x 7 3/8 x 5 1/2 inches to fit multiple items or 600 photos. The interior part of this box has six removable compartments for easy organizing of the pictures and easy removal when accessing the images.

Special features

  • This photo box has quality polypropylene material construction
  • It has six storage compartments that can store 100 pictures each
  • The box is quite affordable
  • The box has a lid for securing the photos firmly
  • This storage box only weighs 1.9 pounds

3-Darice Decorative Photos Storage Box

Darice Decorative Photo Storage Box

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The beautiful green and striped finish of this photo storage box add a great look to the area you install in the office or at home. The box has a beautiful and firm lid that secures the items in the box when moving it. The sides of the box have handles for gripping it to carry around.

The entire product measures 7.5 x 4 x 11 inches to provide ample storage space for pictures and other essentials. The box package comes with ten index cards for labeling the stored items for easy access from the box.

Special features

  • This photo storage box has a unique and beautiful design
  • It has a solid green lid and side handles for comfortable transportation
  • The package comes with ten index cards
  • The box is large to accommodate bulky picture

2-American Crafts Photo Boxes

American Crafts Photo Boxes

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If you are looking for a storage box that your little girl can use to store essential items such as photos and other small items, this box is the right choice. The materials design plus the finish of this box adds an elegant look to complement different finishes in her room. The box is suitable for organizing pictures and other items since it has large interior compartments.

Special features

  • This is a multifunctional storage box for home and office use
  • The box has a beautiful finish color to fit the ladies’ room
  • It has a lid to secure the items from scattering around when moving it
  • The box has handles for easy gripping to carry

1-Bogso Organizational Storage Box Silvia Canvas Fiberboard

Bigso Silvia Canvas Fiberboard Organizational Storage Box

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Keep your room or office organized by keeping all small clutters in this beautiful box. It is also ideal for maintaining photos as the size can accommodate all picture sizes. The box measures 5.9 x 6.5 x 11.6 inches to fit most items. It has a beautiful grey color that blends well with the room, and the box has a secure lid to safeguard the items. Moving the box to different places is easy as it has handles on the sides for comfortable holding to move it.

Special features

  • This box is quite affordable
  • It saves the working space by storing all clutters away
  • It has a lid to secure the stored items
  • The box is large to accommodate multiple items


These photo storage boxes are versatile storage units ideal for home, office, and studio use. These boxes have large storage compartments to fit multiple essentials and pictures. Some models have transparent materials for an easy view when accessing the items stored in the box. The boxes have different capacities, a feature worth considering when choosing a box to keep your pictures and other things.

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