When you are on any outdoor trip, running out of battery can be very problematic. A simple solution for this will be by using a portable car battery jump starter. It comes in a compact size so that you can take it anywhere you want. Portable car battery jump starters come with multiple features and make sure there will be superior performance. It offers you a better advantage and works as a booster pack during emergencies. Here is the list of the top 10 best portable car battery jump starters.


Top 10 Best Portable Car Battery Jump Starters Reviews

10. Unocho 24V Battery Charger Automatic

Unocho 24V Battery Charger Automatic

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This automatic jump starter comes with two secured alligator clips. The lithium-ion battery system also comes with a 12800-mAh higher capacity. Moreover, this module delivers a maximum peak power of 1500amp. This portable car battery jump starter has two jumper cables. Nevertheless, this model consists of a super-bright LED light.

This module also offers protections against overcharging, overheating, and over-voltage. Furthermore, this device consists of two USB charging ports. The flashlight has strobe, SOS, and flash modes. However, you can use this model for battery systems of SUVs, trucks, and ATVs. You can use this module for charging tablets and smartphones.

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  • Comes along with alligator clips.
  • The flashlight has multiple modes.
  • Works well with 12-volt vehicle battery systems.


  • Nothing to point out.

9. BIUBLE Car Battery Starter

BIUBLE Car Battery Starter

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This portable car battery jump starter reaches a peak power of 1000amp. The set brings you jumper clamps and a USB cable. Moreover, this car jumper works with a 5.5-liter diesel and 7.0-liter gas engine. This appliance is suitable for boat, motorcycle, and car battery systems. The mechanism comes with overheating, over-voltage, overcharging, and short circuit protection.

The quick-discharge start power technology also offers a reliable jump-start. Furthermore, this appliance is suitable for 12-volt car battery systems. This device comes with a 2.1A output port. Hence, you can charge laptops and electronic devices. Nevertheless, this module has an ultra-bright LED light as well.

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  • The jumper clamps are durable.
  • Works with various passenger trucks.
  • Includes automatic battery booster function.


  • No such con.

8. DBPOWER 800A 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter

DBPOWER 800A 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter

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This jump starter is suitable for 5.5-liter gas and 7.2-liter diesel engines. The device also has an LCD screen. Hence, you can also see the real-time status of your devices. Moreover, the system comes with a high-capacity 18000-mAh battery. You can use this model for charging your electronic devices. Nevertheless, this system has overheating, overcharging, and short circuit protection.

The premium-quality spray-gold intelligent jumpers also make this system quite functional. Furthermore, this purchase brings you 8-in-1 laptop adapters. This device comes with an inbuilt compass. However, this multifunctional model can charge your tablets, smartphones, and more. This model has a 12-volt wall charger.

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  • Comes with 8-in-1 adapters.
  • Includes a smart LCD screen.
  • Has an inbuilt accurate compass.


  • No con at all.

7. YABER Jump Starter with Air Compressor

YABER Jump Starter 150 PSI 2500A Peak

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The portable car battery jump starter comes with short circuit protection. The intelligent jump cables also offer reverse polarity protection. Moreover, this device comes with a high-capacity 12000-mAh battery. This power bank includes a flashlight for emergencies. Nevertheless, the LED lighting system has SOS, strobe, flash, and off modes.

The outer casing also comes with protection against dust and bumps. Furthermore, the 12-volt charging system works with SUVs, cars, motorcycles, and pick-ups. This power bank can charge cameras, tablets, phones, and other devices. However, this car starter comes with waterproof protection. This module has a micro-USB port and a USB port.


  • Includes a stable jump starter port.
  • Consists of a powerful battery system.
  • Has a bump-resistant waterproof case.


  • Nothing wrong.

6. TOPVISION Portable Auto Battery Starter

 Battery Starter for Car, TOPVISION 2200A Peak 21800mAh

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This jump starter comes with a low-profile structure. This equipment also comes with an inbuilt LED flashlight. Moreover, the quick-discharge start power technology enhances the functionality of this model. Hence, you can instantly recharge your electronic devices on the go. This multifunctional appliance serves as a power bank.

The USB 3.0 ports also offer rapid charging. The SOS mode lets you use this tool as an emergency light. Furthermore, this device is capable of producing up to 2200amp peak power. The reduced temperature while jump-start operation keeps your device safe from damages. However, the device can jump-start 50 times with a single charge.


  • Produces high peak power.
  • Never requires frequent charging.
  • Functions well with different vehicle systems.


  • No negative point.

5. SUNPOW Car Jump Starter Pack

SUNPOW 2000A Peak 20000mAh Lithium Jump Starter Pack

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The 18000-mAh lithium battery system makes this jump starter quite functional. This device also works like a travel-friendly power bank. Moreover, this power tool includes a pair of USB ports. This portable car battery jump starter consists of an inbuilt compass. Nevertheless, this power tool provides a maximum instant power of 800amp.

The LED lighting system also works as an emergency flashlight. Furthermore, this model has a digital LCD screen. The alligator clips come with reverser polarity protection. This jump starter is functional for SUVs, trucks, cars, motorcycles, and boats. However, the device comes with a maximum standby time of 12-months.


  • Comes in a compact size.
  • Includes a flashlight and compass.
  • Works with different vehicle systems.


  • No con to report.

4. NOCO Portable Car Battery Booster Lithium Jump Starter

NOCO Boost HD GB70 2000 Amp 12-Volt UltraSafe Portable

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The jump starter instantly starts the dead batteries. The 12-volt module also consists of a lithium battery-operated charging system. Moreover, the 400-lumen LED flashlight comes with seven different light modes. The model runs the jump-start functions 40 times with a single charge. Nevertheless, this portable car battery jump starter has reverse polarity protection.

The 15amp output port lets you charge various 12-volt DC devices. Furthermore, you can use this system for charging sensitive electronics. The 12-volt automotive car battery comes with short circuit protection. Nevertheless, the water-resistant outer casing extends the lifespan of this power tool. The AUX port provides rapid charging with this system.


  • Comes with spark-proof technology.
  • Safe from sensitive electronic devices.
  • Promotes quick and reliable charging.


  • No such con.

3. STANLEY J309 Portable Power Station Jump Starter

STANLEY J309 Portable Power Station Jump Starter

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This power station comes with an air compressor. You can use also use this model for inflating vehicle tires. Moreover, the compressor utilizes low pressure for inflating tires. This system consists of three pieces of USB ports. This portable car battery jump starter works with 12-volt DC charging systems. However, the device offers 300amp of instant starting.

The high-powered LED light also comes with adjustable angles. Hence, you can rotate the beam angles of the light up to 270-degree. Furthermore, the reverse polarity alarm lets you connect the clips properly. You can charge this module by using your standard household extension cords.


  • Sends reverse polarity alarm.
  • Includes a low-pressure tire inflator.
  • Offers higher instant starting power.


  • Not very powerful.

2. AVAPOW Car Battery Jump Starter Portable

AVAPOW Car Battery Jump Starter Portable

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The portable car battery jump starter utilizes the peak power of 600amp. The lithium-ion battery system also makes this model work without any complications. Moreover, this jump starter works with most 12-volt vehicle systems. The upgraded intelligent protection clamps keep your sensitive electronics safe from damages.

The low-voltage, overcharging, and reverse polarity protection make this appliance ultra-durable. Furthermore, the 1800-mAh battery system offers rapid charging. The dual USB outputs offer consistent charging for each device. Nevertheless, you can use this system with motorbikes, watercraft, vans, and more. The 8-in-1 connectors let your charge your laptops as well.


  • Has a large-capacity battery system.
  • Suitable for different vehicle systems.
  • Includes all-metal gold clamping system.


  • No con to discuss.

1. Clore Automotive Jump Starter

Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC660 1700 Peak Amp 12 Volt

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This portable car battery jump starter includes an inbuilt automatic charger. The system is also compatible with AGM and lead-acid batteries. Moreover, this model comes along with a 46-inch hardwearing AWG cable. This battery accessory comes with a 22-Ah performer battery. The jump starter has a peak power of 1700-amp.

This module also provides cranking amps of 425. Furthermore, the DC input lets you recharge internal batteries. This jump starter comes along with a DC outlet. Therefore, you can use this useful tool for charging 12-volt accessories. The voltmeter shows the charge status of the onboard battery as well.


  • Consists of a built-in auto charger.
  • Includes color-coded alligator clips.
  • Shows the status of the onboard battery.


  • Nothing to report.

Buying Guide For Car Battery Jump Starter

Type: Portable car battery jump starters can be of different types. You will have to know your requirements and then make your purchase. However, it must not come with any complications and allow you to use it conveniently.

Amps: The amps can vary accordingly. It can have peak amps (PA) or cold cranking amps (CCA). For compact cars, they must have a minimum of 150 CCA. You will also find the one that can come with up to 450 CCA, which can be perfect for large vehicles.

Size and Portability: To make sure there will be easy portability, you can see if it comes in a compact size. It must have a lightweight construction, and some can have a convenient handle. Select the one that does not occupy much space.

Safety: Always go for the one that comes with multiple safety features. This is a vital consideration, and some can come with alarm features. With it, there will be a secure performance.

Connectivity: Consider investing in the one that comes with different connectivity ports. For having maximum convenience, you can see if it includes USB ports. This will give you the advantage to charge your USB-compatible devices.

Features: See if the portable car battery jump starter comes with multiple features so that you can have a better advantage. You can find the one that can come with LED lighting that makes it perfect for use in dark conditions. It must have a large display that can show the charging specifications.


There are times when a car battery jump starter can be extremely useful. However, when you are buying such a jump starter, you should be opting for a portable one so that you can carry and use it anytime you need it. You can keep such a jump starter in the car trunk without taking much space for instant usage.

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