Pregnancy comes with a lot of complications, and some women develop a lot of pain or discomfort when they sleep in particular positions. For such reasons, pregnant women are advised to use a pregnancy pillow. The pregnancy or maternity pillows are full-body support pillows that provide a comfortable sleeping position and surface to the expectant women. These pillows are either designed in a U shape or C shape to align the body to the right sleeping positions. The pillows contour to the body shape and size to offer the proper support from the head to the feet.

These pillows have comfortable materials that relieve pressure from the body to eliminate pain associated with pregnancy. The pregnancy pillows are multifunctional since they are also recommendable for people with bodily injuries. The ability to relieve body pressure quickens healing of sores on upper and lower body parts. The following is a review of the top ten best pregnancy pillows on the market today.


Top 10 Best Maternity | Pregnancy Body Pillows Reviews

10-QUEEN ROSE U Shape Full Body Pillow

QUEEN ROSE Pregnancy Body Pillow

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Is your expectant partner having problems sleeping at night or when taking a nap? Well, you need to get her this sleeping pillow. The pillow is suitable for pregnant women as it provides extra support, especially when sleeping on the side. This pillow has a U- shape that conforms to the body to provide reliable support and comfort.

The pillow features high density and comfortable fillings to offer fluffiness for total relaxation. Queen Rose pillow is versatile since apart from providing support to expectant mothers, the pad can also facilitate quick recovery from a back injury.

Special features

  • The pillow has a U shape to conform to the body for optimal support
  • The fillers offer great help to the user while sleeping
  • This pillow is versatile as it suits mothers and people recovering from and back injury
  • The pad provides full-body support for the perfect sleeping position

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9-AngQi Pregnancy Pillow with Jersey Cover

AngQi Pregnancy Pillow

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Whether you are an expectant or a nursing mum, this pillow is perfect for offering support while nursing the baby or even when sleeping at night. The pillow has full-body support to provide the right alignment when sleeping. The pillow measures 55 x 31 x 7.8 inches a decent size to fit most body sizes. This pillow has cotton fillings that are safe and comfortable to the skin as they don’t have any allergens.

The materials also allow free flow of air for breathability and prevent heat accumulation which may cause discomfort while one is sleeping. The pillow is also suitable for people suffering from leg or back injuries as it relieves pressure on the injured areas.

Special features

  • The pillow comes with 60 days money refund
  • The material construction allows free flow of air for breathability
  • The pillow provides full-body support for efficiency when sleeping
  • You can use the pillow to support the back if you have an injury

8-PharMeDoc organic Pregnancy Pillow U-Shaped Mertanity Body Pillow

Organic Cotton Full Body Pillow

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The natural cotton fillers on this pillow ensure comfort and safety for all expectant women when sleeping. The cotton materials also allow the free flow of air for breathability and prevent high heat levels when sleeping at night. The U shape of the pillow contours the body in the right sleeping position to avoid straining the spine. This pillow provides full-body support, including on the hips, and knees in case you have an injury.

Special features

  • You can comfortably travel with this pillow since it comes with an organic cotton bag for storing
  • The natural cotton materials are comfortable to the skin
  • It is suitable for people with knee or hip injuries
  • The cover of the pillow is removable for easy cleaning

7-Meiz Pregnancy Pillow U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

Meiz Pregnancy Pillow, U Shaped Body Maternity Pillow with Velvet Cover

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Is your pregnant wife having difficulties maintaining the right sleeping position as advised by her doctor? If so, get her this pillow. The full-body support and U shape of this pillow help to shape the body to the right sleeping position for the safety of mum and the unborn baby.

The pillow is perfect for all individuals having a problem sleeping well as it provides excellent body support, including aligning the spine. This pillow also provides ample support on injured areas around the legs and the back to reduce pressure for quick healing.

Special features

  • This is a multifunctional support pillow ideal for all adults
  • The cover of the pillow is removable for easy cleaning with a machine
  • The pillow offers full-body support
  • It is recommendable for people with injuries on the lower back and the lower body areas

6-INSEN Pregnancy Pillow

INSEN Maternity Body Pillow

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Create a comfortable and safe sleeping space for you and your unborn baby using this pillow from INSEN. The pad offers support and protection from the head to the lower back by contouring the body to the right sleeping position. The C shape of the pillow enables the expectant mother to maintain a good and safe sleeping position while sleeping on the side.

The pad measures 58 x 28 x 7.8 inches a reasonable size to accommodate most adults. The fillings on the pillows consist of high-density cotton materials that adapt to the body shape and weight to offer optimal support.

Special features

  • This pillow has a unique C shape for optimal support
  • It is a versatile pillow that you can use while watching TV as well
  • It has quality and high-density cotton fillings
  • This pillow helps to relieve pain during the pregnancy period

5-Chilling Home pregnancy Pillow

Chilling Home Pregnancy Pillow

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The 55-inch length design of this pillow fits most adults and provides full-body support as well. The cushion has a velvet cover that is soft to the skin, and you can remove it for cleaning. The C shape offers reliable and excellent full-body support, especially when sleeping on the side.

It also facilitates fast healing in case of a hip or knee injury by releasing high pressure when sleeping. The material fillings on this pillow consist of pure, hypoallergenic cotton fabrics that are unique and comfortable to the skin.

Special features

  • This sleeping pillow also offers support to nursing mothers
  • It has quality and skin-friendly cotton hypoallergenic materials
  • It has a C shape that offers reliable body support
  • The cushion has a length of 55 inches to provide full-body support

4-Leachco Snoogle Original Maternity Total Body Pillow

Pregnancy Total Body Pillow

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This pregnant snuggle pillow comes in varying colours so you can choose the colour of your choice. The pillow has a C shape style, and it is quite long to offer full-body support. This pillow eliminates the need to use multiple pillows, especially when sleeping on the bed. The pillow is a perfect gift for the expectant mother as it will offer her excellent support during the pregnancy period and the nursing period when breastfeeding the child.

Special features

  • This is an affordable full-body support pillow
  • It supports both expectant and nursing mothers
  • The pillow comes in four different colour shades
  • It has comfortable fillings and breathable materials

3-Kingta Pregnancy Pillows U-Shaped Full Body Pillow with Washable Velvet Cover

Kingta Pregnancy Pillow U Shaped Full Body Pillow with Washable Velvet Cover

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This pregnant pillow provides support from the head all down to the knee area. The outer cover is made of soft velvet material, and it is removable for cleaning purposes. This pillow is also ideal for people with leg or other body injuries as it releases the pressure of the injured body part. The U shape of the pillow conforms to the body shape and weight to offer the necessary support.

The fillings of the pillow have pure, hypoallergenic polyester materials that are comfortable and breathable for efficient airflow. Other than supporting you when expectant, you can use this pillow while nursing if you opt to breastfeed the child while lying.

Special features

  • This body pillow comes with a 90 days money refund
  • It has a 55-inch length to offer full-body support
  • The pillow conforms to the body for optional support
  • The pillow helps to relieve pain associated with pregnancy

2-BATTOP Pregnancy Pillows Full Body Maternity Pillow

BATTOP Pregnancy Pillow

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If you need a tool that can assist you in maintaining the right body position when sleeping, this pillow is a reliable tool to use. It has comfortable and safe fillings that provide full-body support to all people. The pillow provides support for people with back injuries by reducing pressure on the affected body part.

This is a multifunctional pillow that you can use when sleeping or when watching TV. The top cover of this pillow is removable for cleaning, and you can wash it with a machine washer.

Special features

  • This is the multifunctional full body pillow
  • It has quality 7D PP cotton materials
  • The pillow offers full-body support
  • The pillow is long to support the entire body

1-As AWESLING 60 In Full Body Pillow Nursing Maternity and Pregnancy Pillows

AS AWESLING Pregnancy Pillow, U Shaped Full Body Pillow, Nursing, Support

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One of the outstanding features of this pillow is the extra-large 60 inches long that comfortably accommodates different heights. The pillow has a U shape, and it is adjustable to fit different sleeping positions. AWESLING pillow conforms to the body to provide support, especially for people suffering from a back or lower-body injury. The pillow features a bonus 45 degrees angle pillow ideal for supporting the baby bump when sleeping.

Special features

  • This pillow is extra large
  • It adjusts to different sleeping positions
  • The pillow has an ergonomic 45 degrees extra pad for support
  • The velvet cover is removable for cleaning


If you are looking for a perfect gift to give expectant mothers, the above-reviewed body support pillows are the best choice. These are multifunctional pillows that provide full-body support when pregnant and when nursing the little ones. These pillows have quality and natural materials comfortable to the skin. The majority of these pillows are multifunctional to offer support to people with either a lower back or hip injury.

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