For people who are looking to have a total body workout, rowing machines can be the right product. It offers you multiple benefits, and the targets are abdominal muscles, upper back, and obliques. With roving, you can have strong leg muscles. It lets you maintain overall fitness, and you can easily use it at home. It also serves great for people who are looking to have a low-impact exercise and improves their cardiovascular system.

Here are the top 10 best rowing machines that let you know the multiple features so that you can get the one according to your requirements. This will let you in making the right selection so that you can have maximum benefits. It serves great for anyone and lets you stay healthy.


Top 10 Best Home Indoor Exercise Rowing Machines Reviews

10-Sunny Health & Fitness Adjustable Rowing Machines

Adjustable Resistance Machine

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The magnetic rowing machine comes along with soft and skid-resistant foam handlebars. So, you can also practice rowing exercises without any hassle. Moreover, the adjustable magnetic resistance system helps users to change the resistance accordingly. The LCD screen keeps track of your time, count, total counts, scan, and calories.

The skid-resistant textured foot pedals also ensure safety while performing rowing. Furthermore, you can adjust the magnetic resistance up to 8 different levels. The seat comes with a heavy-duty and soft cushion. Therefore, you can keep your back and bottom fatigue-free for hours. In addition, The inbuilt wheels help you to shift this equipment hassle-freely.


  • Advanced modifiable design for user comfort.
  • Enhanced wider display for precise performance.
  • Enhanced mobility features for a comfortable experience.

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9-Fitness Reality Bluetooth Magnetic Rower

Magnetic Rower

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With the highest load-bearing capacity of 250-lbs, the rowing machine is the ideal equipment for men and women. Form low resistance exercises to cardio training; the machine also improves your muscle strength. Moreover, from sitting to standing position, the rower machine is perfect for performing full-body workouts. You can adjust the resistance up to 14 different levels.

The 3.5-inch LCD screen also shows the real-time rowed distance, burnt calories, and other details of rowers. Furthermore, the stabilizer foot pedals help users safely perform bent-over, upright rows, bicep extensions, and more. The supportive application via Bluetooth connectivity simply connects with the control panel of this machine for convenience.


  • Multi-beneficial design for user satisfaction.
  • Enhanced non-slip design for improved stability.
  • Superior design grip for user safety.

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8-RUNOW Water Rowing Machine

RUNOW Water Rower

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This water rowing machine has a water reservoir with a maximum capacity of 18-liter. The double-track aluminum structure of this equipment also has the highest load-bearing capacity of 300-lbs. Moreover, the rower machine comes along with an angle-adjustable LCD screen. You can have a quick look at your stroke counts, distance goals, rowed distances, and more.

The skid-resistant foot pedals also help you to stay stable on this machine. Furthermore, the skid-resistant bottom keeps the equipment in the proper place on different surfaces. The water capacity determines the levels of resistance. So, you can adjust the resistance by increasing or decreasing the water quantity.


  • Dynamic water-tight creation for superior performance.
  • Multi-purpose design for superior effect.
  • Enhanced display function for user satisfaction.

7-Gorowingo Water Rower Rowing Machines

gorowingo Water Rower

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This rowing machine comes along with slip-resistant and adjustable foot pedals. The seat cushion also has the construction of 3D foam. Therefore, the cushion offers enough support to your back and bottom. Moreover, the dual-track and 8-axis easily retract back the seat without making any annoying noise. The frame of the equipment comes with the construction of heavy-duty Chile pinewood.

The frame also withstands up to 265-lbs of weight. Furthermore, the dual-layer polyethylene fiber straps make stretching hassle-free for users. With the help of a digital LCD screen, you can easily see heart rate, calories, distance, and speed.


  • Enhanced adaptable design for consumer comfort.
  • Easy transferable design and effortlessly storable.
  • Superior grip creation for comfort and safety.

6-Merax Magnetic Exercise Rower

Merax Magnetic Exercise Rower

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The magnetic resistance of the rowing machine is easily adjustable according to your requirements. The inbuilt wheels also make shifting convenient for every user. Moreover, you can adjust the magnetic resistance up to 8 different levels. The 15-degree angled-seat rail retracts back the seat smoothly and noise-freely every time.

The flywheel also decreases the noise to deliver a smooth feeling while exercising. Furthermore, the LCD screen of the machine accurately records the calorie counts, distances, speeds, time, and total counts. The equipment comes along with an extra padded seat to offer ultimate support to your back and bottom. The foldable frame design keeps the machine in an upright position.


  • Environment-friendly design for superior comfort.
  • Enhanced wider display for performance tracking.
  • Enhanced customizable design for user comfort.

5-HouseFit Rowing Machine

HouseFit Rowing Machine

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With a maximum load-bearing capacity of 300-lbs, this rowing machine withstands everyday wear and tear. The magnetic resistance system of this equipment also allows users to adjust the resistance up to 15-different levels. Moreover, the compact and space-saving design of the machine easily stands in an upright position.

The aluminum sliding rail also keeps users stable while rowing. Furthermore, the digital monitor keeps complete track of your calorie data, total counts, time, and other statuses. The special back stabilizer of this machine keeps it stable on different surfaces. With the help of 2 caster wheels, you can effortlessly shift equipment from one room to another.


  • Ergonomic construction for superior comfort.
  • The advanced designed mechanism for enhanced performance.
  • Space-saving creation and easily transferable.

4-YOSUDA Magnetic Rowing Machine

YOSUDA Magnetic Rowing Machine

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Derived from hard-wearing red oak, the frame of this rowing machine stands for exceptional durability. The well-built machine also has the construction of heavy-duty commercial-grade components. The ergonomic design of this cardio training equipment includes an electric pump and pad/iPhone holder. The frame can take a load of 360-lbs of weight at once.

The dual-track and 8-slot structure also make this machine work smoothly and silently. Furthermore, the heavy-duty transport wheels make this equipment easy to shift from one room to another. The water tank of this machine simulates the sound of a water stroke during rowing. You can stack the machine in an upright position to save a lot of space.


  • Multi-functional display for superior performance.
  • Ergonomic creation for enhanced comfort and safety.
  • Finest class material for durability and stability.

3-Mr Captain Rowing Machine

Mr Captain Rowing Machine

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This water rowing machine comes with a smart and user-friendly control panel and LCD screen. So, you also can keep on tracking your heart rate, burnt calories, distances, and speeds. Moreover, the frame of the machine comes with the construction of heavy-duty vintage-style oak wood. The adjustable water resistance fits people of different skill levels.

The LCD screen also comes with 3 types of modes; these are target, interval custom, and manual. Therefore, you can keep on practicing rowing according to your comfort levels. The smart Bluetooth connectivity of the equipment lets users connect the control panel to their smartphone. The smart supportive application keeps track of your regular rowing activities.


  • Sturdy design for enhanced sturdiness.
  • Anti-skid creation for enhanced safety and stability.
  • Enhanced personalized design for user satisfaction.

2-XTERRA Fitness Folding Magnetic Resistance Rower

XTERRA Fitness ERG200 Folding Magnetic Resistance Rower

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The rowing machine comes along with premium-quality rubber wheels. So, you can also shift the machine from one room to another. Moreover, the machine simulates the feel of the real stroke on the water. So, you can improve the strength of the muscles of your chest, arms, and shoulders. The design of the equipment helps users to store it in an upright position.

The skid-resistant foot pedals also offer a firm step of the machine. So, you can keep your body stable on this cardio training machine. Furthermore, the rower machine has an aluminum frame structure to withstand a weight of up to 264-lbs.


  • Highly resistive design for superior quality.
  • Non-skid creation for safety and comfort.
  • Multi-functional design with enhanced health benefits.

1-SereneLife Rowing Machines

SereneLife Rowing Machine

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The rowing machines make cardio training exercises convenient at home for everyone. The simple design also makes this strength training equipment easy to operate by individuals. Moreover, the frame of this exercising tool can take a load of 250-lbs at once. The water row machine comes along with an LCD screen.

So, the screen also gives the live status of burnt calories, distances, time, count, and scan activities. Furthermore, the frame design of this power-improving machine keeps you balanced in any condition. The U-shaped seat perfectly holds every adult. However, The large foot pedals make cardio sessions intense for trainees. The transport wheels let users move this machine from one place to another.


  • Ergonomic construction for long-lasting comfort.
  • Improved display functions for enhanced performance.
  • Superior design hold for comfort and protection.


There are different types of rowing machines available in the market, and hence, you should be clear about your own requirements to choose the perfect one. While checking the products, you should check for resistance principles like air resistance, water resistance, magnetic resistance, or hydraulic resistance. In addition, The design of the machine has to be compact and check out other extra features for a profitable purchase.

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