Are you a fan of technology? Then I bet you would like to own a pair of smart glasses. These glasses are equipped with high technology features and parts that have the reality technology to enable you to deal with day-to-day activities. One of the unique features that you will find of the smart glasses is the open ear technology essential for controlling other devices. This means that you can integrate smart glasses with accessories like a smartphone for easy picking the calls.

In other words, these sunglasses provide the freehand operation mode for comfort when outdoors. These glasses are designed just like other eye wears, and you can wear them for daily activities when going to work. The smart glasses have a lightweight design and multiple technological features. If you still want to own a pair of smart glasses, the following is our review of the top ten best brands on the market


Top 10 Best Smart Glasses | Bluetooth Sunglasses Reviews

10-Trendloader Sigma Smart Glasses

Trendloader Sigma Smart Sunglasses

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These trendy sunnies from Sigma are perfect for people who love to listen to music while on the move. The glasses have an open ear design, which allows you to listen to music while still wearing them. The smart operation design of the lenses consists of integrated IV voice control for easy access to other devices such as phone calls, music, and even for navigating directions.

The glasses also feature a Bluetooth connection that can pair with other smart devices from a further distance of up to 30 feet away. These glasses are seasonal, and the style matches with different trends.

Special features

  • These smart sunglasses can keep a charge for up to 4 and a half hour
  • The lenses have polarized materials to protect the eyes from high UV rays
  • These sunglasses have inbuilt Bluetooth integration
  • You can easily pick a call with the use of integrated IV voice on the glasses

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9-ImpactLast Bluetooth Audio Smart Sunglasses with Microphone

ImpactLast Bluetooth Audio Smart Sunglasses

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Apart from securing your eyes from the U rays, these smart glasses have excellent and digital features to incorporate other services. The glasses feature the open ear stereo speaker essential for providing excellent audibility when listening to music or picking a phone. The glasses have Bluetooth integration that instantly connects to other devices within a range of 30 feet away.

The best part is that you can pair these smart glasses with up to 5 different devices. You can effortlessly pick calls using the glasses using the inbuilt microphone, and the push control button. These smart glasses can remain active for up to 5 hours, and they only require 2 hours to recharge.

Special features

  • These smart glasses come with a money refund warranty
  • They have an integrated microphone and push-button for picking up phone calls
  • The Bluetooth connects with devices within 30 feet away
  • The Bluetooth on these glasses connects to five different devices

8-Inventiv Wireless Bluetooth Audio Sunglasses

Inventiv Wireless Bluetooth Audio Sunglasses

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If you need a device that you can use to pick up calls in congested areas, these sunglasses from Inventiv are the best option. The sunglasses have the open ear headphones right for picking calls with just a push of a button. The glasses have polarized lenses that protect the eyes from 100 percent UV rays.

The material design and style of these smart glasses fit both men and women. The Bluetooth integration of these intelligent sunglasses is compatible with both android and iOS devices if you need to listen to music while on the move.

Special features

  • These smart sunglasses feature the hand-free control mode when using it with other devices
  • It has an inbuilt speaker for picking calls
  • The intelligent sunglasses are compatible with android and iOS devices
  • The sunglasses have a sleek design to fit both males and females.

7-Elikliv Open Ear Smart Glasses with Bluetooth

Elikliv Wireless Audio Sunglasses

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With reliable Bluetooth connections, these are regular smart sunglasses to buy if you need a device to control your smart devices like your phone and music gadgets. The sunglasses have Bluetooth connections, and they connect with around five devices at once. The sunglasses are compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

The blu-lenses block high UV rays from reaching the eyes for safety and comfort when walking in hot areas. The open ear technology on the glasses has powerful stereo sound essential for controlling the noise levels coming from the glasses.

Special features

  • The smart glasses can run for up to 6 hours even when listening to music
  • The intelligent sunglasses are compatible with Bluetooth enabled devices from iOS and Android
  • The smart glasses have the virtual voice assistant mode
  • The glasses connect to 5 devices at a go

6- Goten Bluetooth Anti Blue-ray Audio Smart Sunglasses

Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Anti Blue Ray Audio Smart Glasses

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You can wear these smart glasses under all weather conditions as the waterproof material construction safeguards them from water damage. These glasses have the open ear mode essential for picking and making phone calls. You can use them to listen to music through other devices.

The open ear technology has soundproof to prevent the audios from your devices from leaking to public areas. Thus, you can comfortably listen to your favorite music tunes on the go using these glasses. The lenses of these smart glasses have 400 polarized protections to block away UVA and UVB rays.

Special features

  • These smart glasses have higher performance levels and can last for 4 hours before recharge
  • The freehand integration mode enables one to pick phone calls
  • The smart glasses have waterproof material construction
  • The glasses are multifunctional as you can use them to get GPS directions, pick calls and listen to music

5-Cherry-Lee Smart Bluetooth Glasses Headset Headphone Music

Cherry-Lee Smart Bluetooth Glasses

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These are multifunctional smart sunglasses ideal for connecting music devices to listen on the move, and you can integrate with your phone for free handphone picking technology. The glasses have high compatibility such that you can connect them to iOS and Android phones and other devices.

The lenses have anti-Blu-rays to safeguard your eyes from outdoor climates like sunlight. These glasses are also recommendable for people who sit in front of a computer for long as they block the high light glares.

Special features

  • These smart sunglasses are quite light in weight
  • An inbuilt 60mAh polymer battery powers the glasses
  • The glasses have sound directional transfer technology to direct the sound to a specific region
  • The lenses have anti-blue rays to prevent the eyes from high UV rays

4-Razer Anzu Smart Glasses

Razer Anzu Smart Glasses

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The clear, unique lens design of these smart glasses provides perfect viewing outdoors and at different times of the day. Smart glasses are also suitable for drone pilots since they can achieve a precise and clear view of the surroundings when recording with the drone.

The glasses are compatible with smart devices like DJI go app that is pre-recorded for easy control of drones. The glasses have high integration level technology as they can still communicate with devices at a far distance of up to 30 feet away.

Special features

  • The glasses are light for comfort if you opt to wear them for an entire day
  • The clear lenses provide a comfortable view
  • The glasses come with a 1-year warranty
  • The glasses are suitable for drone pilots

3-Moverio BT-300 Drone FPV Edition Smart Glasses

300 Drone FPV Edition Smart Glasses

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These are other smart glasses ideal for drone pilots. The glasses have clear lenses to enable the drone pilot to achieve clear visibility to calculate the drone’s movements in the air. These glasses are highly compatible with DJI-optimized accessories to access other controlling apps that you may need when controlling the drone.

This brand can easily record the drone at a distance of up to 30 feet away. The glasses are light in weight for comfort if you wear them for long. The glasses also protect the eyes from the harsh UV rays outdoors.

Special features

  • These smart glasses provide comfortable and clear visibility
  • They easily record the drone statistics from a distance of 30 feet away
  • The glasses are comfortable to wear for long as they are light in weight
  • The glasses are compatible with multiple types of eye wears

2-GELETE Smart Glasses Wireless Bluetooth Sunglasses

GELETE Smart Glasses

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You don’t necessarily need to pick your call or make calls in public while wearing these smart sunglasses as they do the work for you. The glasses have the open ear technology ideal for picking and making calls. The design and finishing on these sunnies fit both men and women who like classy and smart devices.

It has polarized lenses that block 100 UV rays for the safety of your eyes when under high sunlight. The glasses are made with waterproof materials so you can wear them even when it is raining.

Special features

  • The smart sunglasses feature IPX7 waterproof material construction
  • You can use them to pick calls, listen to music, and navigate the GPS
  • The lenses have polarized material construction
  • The glasses come with one year warranty

1-alavisxf xx LED Glasses Bluetooth LED Display Smart Glasses

alavisxf xx LED Glasses

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If you need unique and funky sunglasses to rock for various events like Halloween, these Sunnies from alavisxf xx are a great choice. The glasses are powered by a rechargeable battery that you can refill with a USB cable using other devices like computers.

These LED sunglasses are compatible with different apps for smooth operating and controlling them. The glasses have four different displays to choose from, depending on the occasion. You can choose from text, graffiti, animations, and musical rhythm.

Special features

  • You can control the functioning of these sunglasses using a smartphone
  • They are suitable for various events including Halloween
  • The sunglasses display four different modes
  • A USB charger powers the sunglasses


Stay stylish and up to technology by acquiring any of the above reviewed smart glasses. They feature quality technology and integration, allowing one to answer a phone through open ear technology. These stylish glasses are also compatible with music devices, so you can listen to your favorite music while on the move.

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