The universal roof racks are typical carriage racks that fit in most vehicle roofs. These kinds of racks are easy to fit on the cars as they come with crossbars for clipping them on the car rails. The safety of your car is guaranteed with these accessories as they feature padding and deafening sound designs. The universal roof racks come in varying styles and sizes to accommodate the different car models and the user carrying needs.

Some have bars design, and others have a rack style. Some of the crucial things to consider when choosing these accessories are; the type of car it is compatible with, the model of installation, and the weight limit capacity. Here is a review of the top ten best universal roof racks.


Top 10 Best Universal Roof Racks | Roof Rack Crossbars Reviews

10-Seah Hardware Cross-Bars Universal Roof Racks

Seah Hardware Cross-Bars Universal Roof Rack

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If your car does not have the side rails, this is the right storage rack to consider getting. The structure fits perfectly on the sides of the car without necessarily the support of the rails. The roof rack is compatible with all four-door vehicles with a length of not more than 6.4 cm between the roof and the bottom part of the vehicle.

The heavy-duty steel material of the unit ensures its durability and increases its strength even during rainy, or extremely sunny days. The rack also comes with 48 inches crossbars that are adjustable to fit various sizes of items.

Special features

  • Assembling this roof rack takes a few minutes since there are not many parts to assemble.
  • It comes with adjustable crossbars for smooth adjusting on the room
  • The rack can carry a load of up to 180 pounds
  • It is easy to fit even in cars without top-side rails.

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9-HandiRack Universal Inflatable Roof Rack Bars

HandiRack - The Original Universal Inflatable Roof Rack

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If you need a convenient rack that you can carry your kayak, this model from HandiRack is the right choice. The universal fit design of this rack fits in most cars and even SUVs. The unique design of this rack creates a great surface to accommodate a lot of things, especially different designs of water vessels like canoes, kayaks, and surfboards.

The rack is light in weight for comfort when installed in the car, plus the heavyweight design can accommodate heavyweights of up to 175 pounds.

Special features

  • Installing this inflatable rack is easy with no tools
  • It fits in most vehicle roofs such as cars and SUVs
  • The racks can carry a load of up to 750 pounds
  • The rack comes with all the fitting accessories including straps

8-ECOTRIC Universal Black roof rack

64" x 39" x 6'' Universal Roof Rack Cargo Carrier with Extension

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ECOTRIC universal roof rack is the ultimate choice for people who need a rack to carry delicate essentials when going camping or any other outdoor activities. The large size design of the rack fits most items while securing them as well. The installation process takes a few minutes with the aid of a manual, plus the package comes with four universal bolts from screwing it on the rails of the car.

The rack features side rails that have a raised design so you can strap your luggage on top. The rack is made of stainless steel materials with a black coating for safety from external weather.

Special features

  • This universal rack can carry a load of 250 pounds
  • The package comes with the assembling tools plus four bolts for drilling the rack on the vehicle.
  • Material construction fit for the outdoors
  • It provides a safe surface to carry the delicate and small luggage

7-Summates Cross Bars Universal Roof Top Cargo Rack

Summates Universal Roof Top

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If you need a cargo rack that you can use with different cars or that does not interfere with your car roofing, well Summitates got you covered. The package comes with one pair of rack that measures about 47 inches long to provide enough space to fit even the large items.

The strong aluminum material design of this rack guarantees its strength and durability to carry heavy items with a weight of up to 200 pounds. The width of these racks is adjustable to fit in most cars while providing enough space to fit wide items.

Special features

  • This universal roof car rack can hold a weight of 200 pounds
  • The width is adjustable to fit different car models
  • The pack comes with assembling and installing tools
  • The material construction of the unit features aluminum materials with a powder coating

6-MAXXHUL Steel Roof Rack

MAXXHAUL Steel Roof Rack

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This is another reliable car roof rack suitable for people traveling since it secures luggage and other small items that you may need to tag along. The materials construction of the rack consists of steel that has a coating to safeguard it from harsh outdoor climates.

Assembling this rack is quite easy, plus it comes with all the mounting gears you need to fit on the car. The rack fits in most four-door cars which makes it a great choice for large families. Note that this rack is recommendable for cars with the U bolts crossbars for easy installation.

Special features

  • The rack has rubber caps to safeguard the car when carrying loads
  • Installation and assembling processes are easy with the aid of a manual
  • The rack is compatible with most U-bolt crossbar rails.
  • The steel material has a coating to safeguard the rack from rusting.

5-ARKSEN Car Top Luggage Carrier

ARKSEN Universal Roof Rack

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Are you going camping and do you need some extra space to carry your cargo? Get this amazing and durable roof rack. The design and structure of this rack provide a safe and reliable carriage space, especially for small items. The sizes of the rack are slightly raised to safeguard the luggage from slipping off.

The cage-like design allows one to strap the items for safety as well. The length of this rack is adjustable to different sizes of 43, 64, and 84 to fit most cars and items.

Special features

  • Installing the rack is easy as long the car has side rails
  • It has an adjustable length
  • The rack has a powder coating to prevent it from rusting in case you use it during the rainy days
  • The rack has raised side rails to secure the luggage

4-Leader Accessories 53 Inch Universal Rack

 Leader Accessories 53" Universal Roof Rack Cross Bars

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The keyed locking mechanism of this rack secures it firmly on the vehicle for safety when loading the items. The rack also has side rails that add security and a comfortable surface to carry the loads and other items to the outdoors. It is compatible with a lot of items including a kayak, bags, and even a bicycle.

The rack can carry heavy loads of around 180 pounds. The rack is adjustable to either fit more items or to fit it in different car models.

Special features

  • The rack has an aerodynamic mechanism to reduce noises
  • It is easy to assemble and fit on the car
  • It is adjustable up to 53 inches
  • The rack carries a load of 180 pounds

3-PHATRIP 47 Inch Universal Roof Rack Crossbars

PHATRIP 47” Universal Roof Rack Crossbars

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This rack can easily fit on any car as long it has raided side rails or side groove flush rails. The rack is suitable for people who love outdoor adventures since it carries a kayak or even a bicycle. The coated aluminum material construction guarantees its durability by protecting the rack from harsh outdoor elements.

It has a heavy-duty construction design that can hold a weight of up to 198 pounds. The rack features an aerodynamics design to reduce noise on the roof when carrying loads.

Special features

  • This rack can hold a weight of 198 pounds
  • It comes with all the assembling and installing hardware
  • It has the aerodynamic style for noise reduction
  • The rack is quite sturdy and strong

2-YITAMOTOR 54 Inch Universal Roof Rack Cross Bars

YITAMOTOR 54" Universal Roof Rack Cross Bars

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As long your car has side rails with gaps, this is the right carriage rack to buy since it is compatible with such vehicles. Installing the rack on the roof takes a few minutes, and it is a DIY project you can comfortably do. The rack has padding to safeguard the car roof from ratches when carrying the loads.

The rack is versatile since you can install other roof accessories to carry heavy items like kayaks or cargo boxes. It has an aerodynamic design to reduce noise levels when carrying cargo.

Special features

  • This rack has a high compatibility
  • It carries a weight of 150 pounds
  • Easy to install on the car roof
  • It has noise reduction in operational design

1-Toptiper Universal Cargo Roof Basket

Tiptiper Universal Roof Rack

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This is another quality and heavy-duty rooftop car rack suitable for carrying heavy loads. The design of the rack fits even small items like luggage. It is compatible with a wide range of vehicles like SUVs and trucks. It is easy to install on the car roof as it comes with U -bolts for fitting it. The rack has an aero hydraulic design for noise reduction purposes.

Special features

  • The rack can carry a load of 250 pounds
  • A sturdy and quality design for durability
  • The rack has quality material construction


If you need storage or carrying a roof rack that you can easily interchange with your cars, these ten brands are great options. These rooftop racks are easy to assemble and install on cars since they come with all the hardware. The racks have different weight capacity compatibilities, and therefore, make sure to check the weight limit of the rack to find the model that fits your needs.

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